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Skidmore College
Off-Campus Study & Exchanges

Conditions for Studying Off-Campus

Studying off campus is a privilege that is available to students who have demonstrated the ability to adjust academically and socially to college, and who are ready to benefit from the challenges of off-campus study. Only students in good academic, financial, and social standing are eligible to study off campus. The Office of Off-Campus Study & Exchanges (OCSE) reserves the right to withdraw students from their respective programs if they do not meet these conditions.  If a student is administratively withdrawn from their intended program, he/she will incur a withdrawal fee of minimally $500.

Students studying off campus on Approved Programs, either Skidmore or non-Skidmore Programs, are expected to adhere to the same social and academic policies in place at Skidmore College. Students are responsible for understanding Skidmore College’s Honor Code, Code of Conduct, social and academic policies as well as any Code of Conduct put in place by their study abroad provider.

Skidmore College’s Honor Code and Code of Conduct can be found at (

Stipulations for studying off-campus:

  • Students with current or past social infractions may be ineligible to study off-campus.
  • Students must complete and submit the mandated OCSE documentation and the requisite confirmation deposit.
  • Students must comply with all rules, standards and instructions relating to student behavior which are promulgated by Skidmore or the host college/institution.
  • Skidmore, its employees and agents shall have the right to enforce appropriate standards of conduct.
  • Skidmore may, at any time, terminate a student’s participation in an off-campus program in the event of any failure to abide by any such standard of conduct.  If a student’s participation in an off-campus program is terminated, the student must immediately leave the program at his/her own expense.