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Skidmore in Spain

Skidmore in Alcala


Skidmore in Alcalá provides students the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of living with host families. Living in a foreign country is exciting, enriching, interesting and sometimes frustrating. It is a fascinating experience in which one learns about different customs and how to speak another language. For this reason, the home stay experience is one of the program's most valuable aspects as it allows students to fully participate in Spanish culture on a daily basis.

We have staff in Madrid whose job is the personal welfare of the students. The Director visits the Skidmore campus each semester to meet with students, review their housing questionnaires, and answer any questions they may have.

The student's preferences concerning personal comforts, eating habits, health requirements (smoking, allergies, etc.), and family composition are all taken into consideration during family selection. Once the student has been placed in a Spanish home, the program staff is in regular contact with both the student and the family to assure that the adaptation continues to go smoothly.

The home stay allows our students to be totally immersed in the Spanish way of life on a daily basis. Because of the importance of this experience as a source of contact with the culture and the language, we place only one student per family. You learn not only about the Spaniards firsthand, but also about yourself: your own values, ideas and beliefs.

Your housing includes:

  • An individual room with adequate furnishing to facilitate studying
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) during the academic year (with the exception of the Winter and Spring breaks). Most students take breakfast and dinner with their families and they receive a weekly allowance for lunch.
  • Moderate use of the family telephone is permitted (1 or 2 local calls per day)
  • Laundry, including weekly changing of sheets and towels or washing machine access

Other housing arrangements are allowed in special cases with the Resident Director's approval.