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Skidmore College
Office of Special Programs

OSP Values


Communities and Stakeholders

We integrate our programming into the academic and cultural lives of students, faculty and staff at Skidmore College in order to enhance the education of currently enrolled undergraduates.

  • We create on and off-campus learning as well as artistically collaborative communities during the summer months and facilitate a cohesive, safe and nurturing environment for all.
  • We enhance the educational and cultural life of Saratoga Springs and other surrounding communities.
  • We partner with local, regional and national educational and cultural organizations to advance common goals, beliefs, and shared values.
  • We are sensitive and attentive to important national and world debates, issues and events and create programming that fosters collective understanding.
  • We treat stakeholders at all times with respect, courtesy, attentiveness and responsiveness to their needs.
  • We recognize as stakeholders:
    • Students, alumni, prospective students and parents
    • Local community
    • Participants and audiences
    • Partners and sponsors
    • Donors
    • College staff, faculty and administration
    • Board of Trustees

Collaboration, Inclusiveness, and Cross-Cultural Understanding

  • We bring individuals and groups together to work cooperatively to produce educational, social and artistic experiences.
  • We nurture learning communities with diverse experiences and viewpoints.
  • We work proactively to foster an inclusive climate.
  • We promote cross-cultural understanding through our educational and programmatic offerings.
  • We believe that collaboration and diversity foster creativity.
  • We espouse interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary learning experiences.
  • We expand the definition of learning by encouraging teaching from both inside and outside of the academy and by inviting students from all walks of life into an open environment.


  • We provide educational, athletic and cultural experiences that encourage intellectual, social and artistic growth and creativity.
  • We develop spaces for curricular, pedagogical and artistic exploration and experimentation.
  • We commit to sustaining academic rigor and intellectual curiosity in accord with the expectations of Skidmore College.
  • We enrich the lives of students as well as the intellectual life of Skidmore faculty in their mutual pursuit of knowledge.
  • We encourage all participants to think critically, speak thoughtfully and be open to others’ cultures and points of view.
  • We stimulate further study, whether formal academic pursuits or personal goals.


  • We share in the College’s mission to develop, broaden and deepen the College's connections to the local community and to enhance our ability to function as a socially and environmentally responsible corporate citizen.
  • We manage our resources with an emphasis on planning for sustainable operation.
  • We promote social and environmental sustainability in our educational programs to benefit our students and communities.

Collegiality, Professionalism, and Accountability

  • We work together as a team and treat each other with trust and respect, following the principles of the OSP Constitution.
  • We view missteps and challenges as opportunities to provide better service to constituents and stakeholders.
  • We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professional and ethical behavior.
  • We operate our programs so that they are self-sustaining financially through generation of revenues and/or other fundraising, with financial goals that are consistent with the College overall.