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Skidmore College
Office of the President

Sexual misconduct article in Scope Magazine

September 28, 2015

Dear Skidmore families,

The fall issue of Scope magazine will be arriving soon in your mailbox. Its cover story provides an in-depth look at how Skidmore College is responding to the national issue of sexual and gender-based misconduct, which is challenging colleges and universities across the country. If you would like to see the story online in advance, you can click here. Although this issue is not confined to colleges, it is of great concern to all of us at Skidmore who are charged both with ensuring the safety and well-being of our students.

Skidmore has been actively addressing this issue for many years, and we continue to enhance our training, counseling, and education aimed at helping students act responsibly toward one another, while also strengthening our policies, procedures and adjudication of complaints in line with best practices and local and national laws and regulations. As you will read in the Scope article, the most recent changes to our policy reflect changes to the law in New York State. If you would like know more about our policies and procedures, you can go to our website where they are detailed.

While I am pleased with the work College staff have put into this effort, I am also acutely aware that the issue of sexual and gender-based misconduct remains an enormous challenge for Skidmore and, indeed, for all of higher education. We will continue to do all we can to address this issue that is so deeply and profoundly corrosive to our community and our society.

Thank you for continuing to care about Skidmore and our students.

Philip A. Glotzbach


I am pleased to provide an update on the national search to fill the position of vice president for finance and administration and treasurer. The search process has begun and relevant materials are available on the search website.
May 16 2018

Even as we have celebrated the increases in our applicant pools over the past few years, we have seen seen a steady growth in the percentage of applicants seeking financial aid, and a sharp increase in the cost of health insurance for our employees. Solving these challenges will require us to find cost savings in the budget.
May 16 2018

I write to provide an update that following the announcement that Michael West, Vice President for Finance and Administration and Treasurer, will retire August 31, 2018, we have appointed a committee to lead a national search to fill the position.
Apr 19 2018