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Every single day, Presidents Society members have a direct impact on our students and faculty. These brief videos highlight a few examples of what your leadership support makes possible for the young men and women on campus today. 

Creative Minute: Creating opportunities with funded internships
Anh Vu Nguyen '17 talks about his passion for working with huge-scale data and how Skidmore's funded internship program helped him achieve that goal. Videography: Jake DeNicola '15, Julian Klein '15, Sam Mark '16 and Dorothea Trufelman '16

Creative Minute: Documentary at Skidmore College 
Caleb Weiss '18 discusses his interest in documentary film and how Skidmore's MDocs program has helped him achieve his goals.

Creative Minute: Madeleine Burkhart
For one Skidmore senior, double-majoring in math and art is about creatively manipulating symbols, visual or logical, and illuminating each through the other.

Creative Minute: Collaborative research in astrophysics
Skidmore students and physics majors Mario Hyman ’16 and Graeme Gengras ’17 talk about their experience with collaborative research and their work examining why and how different types of galaxies exist alongside Professor and Mary Crone Odekon, professor and Physics Department chair.

Creative Minute: Collaborative research
Passionate about developing an inexpensive way to diagnose malaria, Skidmore students Meti Debela '16 and Julie Bryant '16 talk about their Collaborative Research project with Kimberley Frederick, professor and Chemistry Department chair.

Creative Minute: Beatlemore Skidmania 2014
In three sold-out shows, Beatlemore Skidmania maintained a signature Skidmore tradition and raised $12,000 for student aid and local service agencies. To sample the a cappella, rock and acoustic Beatles tributes (and go behind the scenes), see the short documentary made by videography director Vickie Riley along with Julian Klein '15, Sam Mark '16 and Arden Pradier '17. Bobby Duffy '15 provided additional GoPro footage

Creative Minute: The Presence Project
During her senior year at Skidmore College, Lisa Fierstein '16 took her first video class. For her final project and first documentary, Fierstein tells the story of studio art major Meghan Murray '16. Having a special interest in portraiture, Murray chose to focus her thesis project on aging and painted 17 portraits of residents at a local memory care facility.