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Skidmore College
Psychology Department

Participant Review Board

Submitting a Proposal

There are two different committees that review psychology department research proposals: (1) the college-wide Institutional Review Board (IRB), or (2) the departmental Participant Review Board (PRB).

Your project must be submitted to the IRB if:

  1. It includes as participants, prisoners, fetuses, pregnant women, the seriously ill, or mentally or cognitively compromised persons, including those who are economically or educationally disadvantaged, OR
  2. It involves sensitive issues including sexual behavior, illegal conduct, drug and/or alcohol use, OR
  3. It involves deception, OR
  4. It involves more than minimal risk, meaning that the probability and magnitude of discomfort anticipated in the proposed research are greater than ordinarily encountered in daily life or in the performance or routine physical or psychological examinations or tests.

To submit a research proposal to the IRB, click on the link to the IRB webpage and follow the submission instructions there:

Submitting Proposals to the Psychology PRB

If your research project requires a review, but none of the above four criteria apply, you may submit it to the Psychology Department PRB. To submit to the Psychology Department PRB, follow these instructions:

Psychology PRB Proposal Submission Process:

  1. Principal Investigator (PI) creates a single Word file containing: a. a completed version of the Skidmore College Institutional Review Board Research Proposal Template. b. the Informed Consent Form (prepared using the Skidmore College College's Institutional Review Board Informed Consent Form Template) c. copies of all questionnaires and data collection instruments, and any other supporting documentation d. the debriefing form

    To submit the research proposal to the PRB, click on this link and follow the submission instructions there:

  2. If the PI is a student, the electronic submission will trigger an email to the faculty advisor requesting that she/he send an email to, indicating that the faculty member has seen and approved all materials in the research proposal. The review of a student PI proposal will begin after the chair of PRB receives this electronic signature from the faculty advisor.
  3. The PRB chair will assign two members to review each proposal. She/he will notify the PI when materials have been received and who the contact person will be for the project proposal
  4. The PRB will respond to all proposals within two weeks after the proposal is submitted (including faculty advisor approval email). Proposals that are submitted after November 30 will be reviewed during the spring semester.