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Skidmore College
Office of the Registrar

New Student Registration - Step by Step

Fall term registration information is emailed to all incoming students the last week of May

If you run into any difficulties, please call the Registrar’s Office at (518) 580-5710 during regular business hours (8:30 a.m.- Noon, 1-4 p.m.) Monday through Friday or email the office. A representative will assist you with either technical issues or academic questions.

Step 1: Getting organized and Creating a User Account

  • Review the material in your registration packet and familiarize yourself with the Master Schedule.
  • If you have not already done so, create a user name and password, which will be used to access email and the Skidmore Student System.  Create your account - here.

Step 2: Eligibility for Academic Accommodations

If you believe you are eligible to receive academic accommodations based on a documented disabling condition:

  • Complete the Application for Academic Accommodations, found on the Disability and Accessibility Services web site.
  • Submit as soon as possible with appropriate documentation to the Office of Student Academic Services (SAS).

Step 3: Summer Advising 

Your summer advisor will contact you in early June via phone or Skidmore email to assist you with course selection and identifying academic options.  Schedule a time to work together.  

Step 4: Review the Student System Features

Step 5: Placement Information

Expository Writing (EW): Placement is determined by the Directed-Self Placement (DSP) exam; refer to the placement information sent to you by the register if you do not remember your placement. If you have not yet completed the DSP, please do so promptly and thoughtfully at: More information about the EW Requirement and placement can be found in the Foundation Requirement section.

Applied Quantitative Reasoning (AQR): Students can meet the prerequisite requirement for enrolling in an AQR course either through submission of qualifying ACT or SAT scores or by taking the online QR Placement Diagnostic. A full description of the AQR requirement and placement can be found here: 

Language requirement and Class Placement: Information on the language requirement and language placement information is at: Questions can be directed to the contacts listed at Additional Contacts for Summer Advising.

Students planning to enroll in calculus and/or chemistry need to take a placement, and students planning to enroll in Physics may take a placement exam if they choose, as described below.

Calculus placement: Skidmore offers several levels of calculus. The placement exam is an important tool that helps the Mathematics & Statistics Department advise students which calculus course is best suited for them. Take this exam before selecting a calculus course. The exam is located at

Chemistry Placement (required for registration): Skidmore offers two pathways through the first–year chemistry curriculum. The Chemistry Department has developed the required online diagnostic ( to place you into one of these course sequences. Based on your diagnostic score and previous chemistry experience, you will be allowed to register for either CH 115 Foundations of Chemistry or CH 125 Principles of Chemistry. Please do not study or review before taking the diagnostic. The diagnostic will take 45 minutes, and you will need to have a calculator and scratch paper available. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kelly Sheppard, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Chemistry (email:, phone: 518–580–5135).

Both CH 115 and CH 125 are only offered in the Fall. Spots are held in both courses for first-year students. Please plan accordingly and contact the Chemistry Department with questions. Enrollment in CH 115 requires placement based on the Diagnostic and completion of the QR1 requirement.  Enrollment in CH 125 requires placement based on the Diagnostic and completion of the QR1 requirement, or completion of CH 115. Students in the FYE in London program should contact the Chemistry Department Chair, Associate Professor Kelly Sheppard (email:, phone: 518–580–5135).

For students who complete CH 115 in the Fall, CH 126 is offered in the Spring to enable them to complete their introductory chemistry sequence. CH 126 has a CH 115 pre-requisite (no placement into CH 126) and is only offered in the Spring.

Physics Placement: Most students will begin with PY 207 (General Physics I), but those with strong physics preperation may be able to enroll directly in PY 208 without taking PY 207 at Skidmore. Students who might be prepared for PY 208 (or want to challenge themselves) should take the General Physics Placement Test (

Music Ensembles: Registration for music ensembles will be completed following an audition in September. Please use the following website to inform the Music Department of your interest in an ensemble or if you will be signing up for Private Music Instruction:

Music Theory Placement: In order to place students in the appropriate level of pre-theory or required theory course, the department will administer a theory diagnostic exam during the first class session of MU141 and MU241. You are encouraged to consider the guidelines available on the Music Theory Placement webpage:

Links to all placement information, exams, and exam preparation can be found at the Summer Advising Hub

Step 6: Registering for Your Remaining Classes: 

Last name A- K: August 11 at 8am eastern
Last name L-Z: August 12 at 8an eastern

This information will also be available in the Student System

You may begin the process on that day/time or any day after the designated date through the end of the drop/add period in September. 

  • Login to the Skidmore Student System (using the user name and password determined in Step 1 above.)
  • Your Scribner Seminar will already be in place.
  • Begin registering for the other classes you have selected.
  • Follow the instructions in the Student Self Service Guide - use CRN numbers for faster enrollment.
  • The course(s) will go directly to your schedule unless you receive a warning or error message.
  • Between 14 - 16 credits is an ideal schedule.
  • If you need to search for additional offerings you should refer to the Master Schedule.

Please Note: Your schedule may be subject to change in rare but necessary situations. You will be contacted if a change needs to be made.

Important info about waitlists:

  • Some course sections will inevitably close. If you wish to put your name on a wait list, you may do so – but be sure to create a full backup schedule.  Also, please note that you may not waitlist in a class if you have a seat in another section of that same class.
  • Being on a waitlist does not constitute enrollment, you are simply waiting for a seat to become available.
  • You will be notified via Skidmore email if a seat becomes available.  You will have 48 hours to log into the system and enroll, so be sure to keep checking your email throughout the summer!