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Skidmore College
Safety Committee

Motor Vehicle Policy: Golf & Utility Carts

Due to the potential dangers associated with operating a Golf or Utility Cart - faculty, staff and students who plan to drive a Golf/Utility Cart must:

  • complete the safety training course - available here
  • be an approved driver per the College's Motor Vehicle Policy
  • know the following procedures and rules:
    • ALWAYS yield to pedestrians and limit use in areas where there is high pedestrian traffic
    • Must be 18 years of age or older
    • Possess an unrestricted valid US drivers license
    • Obey all New York State motor vehicle laws, codes and regulations
    • Do not exceed 20 MPH
    • Slow down before making sharp turns
    • Never drive while impaired by alcohol, medication, illness, fatigue or injury
    • Ensure no more than two (2) occupants ride on the vehicle at one time
    • Remove key from vehicle when not in use
    • Drive in a defensive manner, anticipating situations that may be hazardous
    • Avoid driving the vehicle at night (unless with the permission of the department supervisor)
    • Operation of the vehicle is restricted to Skidmore’s main campus and College properties located immediately adjacent to the main campus. Specifically: vehicles are permitted to cross North Broadway only to access locations north of the Scribner House. Clinton Avenue is strictly prohibited.