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Skidmore College
Safety Committee

Motor vehicle policy: vehicle use and passengers

  • Vehicle use: Drivers must comply with the following when using college-owned, -leased or -rented vehicles:
    • Operate vehicles in accordance with applicable local, state and federal laws and college policies at all times. (This agreement is found on the bottom portion of the Application for College Driving Privileges and must be signed by the driver prior to the time eligibility is conferred.)
    • Drivers are reminded that the City of Saratoga Springs restricts idling of vehicle engines for more than five consecutive minutes, except in certain circumstances. Please refer to the city’s code for additional information.
    • Report any vehicle accident to the department supervisor and Business Services immediately. Failure to report may result in the loss of driving privileges.
    • Comply with New York State seat belt laws for driver and passengers.
    • Agree to comply with rules against smoking or the use of tobacco in accordance with the New York State Clean Indoor Air Act.
    • Agree to comply with the prohibition against the use of handheld electronic devices (cell phones/texting) while driving in accordance with New York State law.
    • Assume the responsibility for payment of all driver-related traffic violations and citations received.
    • Agree that any unauthorized use of Skidmore-owned, -rented or -leased vehicles for non-college related purposes would result in revocation of driving privileges.
  • Fleet vehicle use: In addition to the vehicle uses outlined above, the following is expected of the driver when using college-owned vehicles:
    • At the beginning and end of vehicle use, the driver will be expected to sign-in/out, to include name, date, time, mileage out and mileage in.
    • After fueling vehicle, give fuel receipt to department secretary and include your name, vehicle information and account number to be charged.
    • At the end of vehicle use, vehicle should be cleared of any trash or debris.
    • Vehicle warm-up time is restricted to a maximum of 10 minutes.
    • For events of snow or ice, scrapers and snow brooms will be available in the vehicle and are to be used to avoid damage to wiper units/blades.
    • Towing a trailer adds a significant risk to vehicle operations, and therefore only authorized faculty, staff or students who have been properly trained to tow trailers are allowed to tow trailers and equipment with Skidmore College-owned, -leased or -rented vehicles. Training shall only be offered to individuals identified by departments as individuals required to tow.


All passengers must be participating in college business or a college-sponsored activity or event at the time they are traveling in a college-owned, -leased or -rented vehicle. Passengers should be limited to employees and students, unless approved by the sponsoring department.

No occupant of the vehicle is permitted to smoke and must wear seat belts whenever seat belts are available. It is the driver's responsibility to ensure all passenger compliance.