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Skidmore College
Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution

The Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (SCCR) embraces the Skidmore College Honor Code, a guiding doctrine for our students since 1921:

I hereby accept membership in the Skidmore College community and, with full realization of the responsibilities inherent in membership, do agree to adhere to honesty and integrity in all relationships, to be considerate of the rights of others, and to abide by the College regulations.

SCCR promotes responsible community membership and positive relationships through the values of honesty, integrity and consideration. We do this by educating students on the impact of their behavior, promoting thoughtful decision-making and encouraging them to become engaged and responsible citizens of the Skidmore Community and beyond.

Student Handbook

Code of Social Conduct
This section of the handbook discusses the Code of Social Conduct, which all students are expected to abide by while enrolled at Skidmore College.

College Policies
This section of the handbook describes various college policies and information about personal safety.