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Skidmore College
Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution

Integrity Board

About the Integrity Board

The Integrity Board (IB) or the Administrative Hearing Board (AHB) meets with the Responding Student and determines if the Responding Student is in violation of the Honor Code or Code of Conduct and, if so, assigns sanctions. The IB/AHB requires a student who has violated the Honor Code or the Code of Conduct to be accountable for their misconduct and take steps to return to good standing. The procedures described below, which include fact-finding, discussion, complaint resolution and assignment of sanctions, support these goals. The board depends on the participants' honesty, integrity and commitment to resolving complaints, and decides each case according to its own merits and the disciplinary precedents that may apply. 


Types of Boards

Integrity Board

An IB for a hearing includes three students, including the chair, one faculty member and one member of the college administration or staff. The IB operates during the academic year and may hear cases of social and academic violations with the exception of sexual misconduct. The IB is composed of students, faculty and staff/administrators. The Student Government Association selects at least nine students to serve a one-year term through a willingness-to-serve process. The Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) appoints six faculty to overlapping two-year terms. The DoS/VPSA appoints six administrators and staff to the IB. The Conduct Administrator schedules student, faculty and administration/staff for hearings as needed to properly compose an IB for each case. The Conduct Administrator will act as a non-voting advisor to the hearing process.

Administrative Hearing Board

The DoS/VPSA may impanel the AHB to hear cases deemed unsuitable for the IB or when the IB is unable to meet, such as during vacation periods or study days. An AHB for a hearing includes three Integrity Board members from the administration, staff and/or faculty appointed by the DoS/VPSA. In academic cases, the AHB will include at least one faculty member. The Conduct Administrator will act as non-voting advisor to the hearing process. The DoS/VPSA advises the IB chair(s) of all AHB cases.


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