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Skidmore College
Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution

Integrity Board Training

ID 251A-002 (1 credit)

Campus Restorative Justice

This class is organized as a training for members of the Integrity Board. IB is the primary hearing board for cases of student misconduct. Membership on IB is a significant responsibility because its decisions affect both the fate of students' academic lives and the well-being and safety of the Skidmore community. The weekly meetings include student, faculty and staff members of IB. The training will include a discussion of relevant readings, debriefing of cases, and skill-building exercises. The training is an introduction to the underlying sanctioning philosophy of IB: restorative justice.

All participants in the training are expected to:
• attend all training sessions,
• read all assigned materials,
• maintain confidentiality by discussing cases only with IB members,
• attend all assigned IB cases and
• students enrolled in ID 251 are expected to complete a final project.

The fall 2016 syllabus can be found here.


Due to low enrollment, the Fall 2016 course has been canceled. Students wishing to be trained as an Integrity Board member should contact the office to get more information.