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Fall 2000

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Barbara Crossman Nicholson
2201 E. 56th Ave., Apt #7
Anchorage, AK 99507

I am pleased to be elected your class secretary, and I hope to continue the excellent work that Margery Mellman did for so many years.

Wendy Clark Jennings manages antique shows. She notes regretfully that the show she founded, as well as the League of Detroit’s show “House Boutique,” which she co-chaired, were the same weekend as our 3oth reunion. As we can see, “Life is good in Grosse Point, just very busy.”

Since her husband has semi-retired, Deborah Gouzoule Lochridge has moved to Arizona for the winters but returns to Martha’s Vineyard for the summers. “My golf game is frustrating but improving slowly,” she says. “I absolutely love it out here and we’ve made many new friends.”

Jeff and Linda Holt Stewart were planning an August visit to Skidmore, as son Jeffy applied for admission this fall.

Barbara Jensen has been named marketing director of the Zoellner Arts Center at Lehigh University. She had previously taught business communication, writing, and public speaking at Lehigh, as well as serving in a variety of other positions. Before accepting this new job, she had been living in Tucson, AZ, where she was a marketing and communication consultant.

Kathryn Kariotis married Frank del La Femina in September 1999. Frank is a childhood friend who lived in an adjacent town with his four children. “We had known each since we were 12 years old but had not seen each other for over 30 years, ” says Kathryn. They now have a combined family of seven children ranging in age from 7-year-old twins to 19! Kathryn is a software quality assurance manager at Servicesoft in Natick, MA, and Frank is a general contractor with his own company. They live in Ashland, MA, in a house that they’re adding to, on 2.5 acres with a pool and an ever-changing array of animals. “Life is forever changing and always unpredictable for me!”

Best wishes for a happy 3oth came from Lanie Lippincott Peterson, who, living just north of Portland, OR, was too far away to join us. Her husband is a newspaper editor in Vancouver, WA. She freelances for the competition, The Oregonian. Their 11-year-old daughter plays violin and was hoping to learn to surf this summer.

The news from Ginger Moore Tucker is mostly sad. Her husband, Chick, died last summer of pancreatic cancer. After 27 years of marriage, she still finds the transition difficult, although she went back to work full time in December. She is thankful for the support of her three boys. Lindsay, the oldest, is an e-business consultant in Philadelphia, Matt graduated from Wake Forest University and was headed to San Diego, and Peter is at Williams College.

Courtney Sale Ross, widow of Time Warner co-founder Steve Ross, married Swedish businessman Anders Holst in a grand ceremony in Florence, Italy. Officiating at the ceremony was the Rev. Jesse Jackson, and attendees included a long list of well-known business leaders, entertainment professionals, and members of academe.

And now, my own news since our last reunion: I moved to Syracuse, NY, three years ago and bought my first house, and I did not expect to be making any major life changes again. But the changes have come. A daughter was born to my older son, David. My younger son, Josh (Harvard ’98), became a U.S. Army specialist (this old war protester had to swallow a few times over that decision!); he’s in Hawaii, assigned to the Army Scouts. And I married Russell Bell on September 3 and moved to Alaska three weeks later! We’ll live in Anchorage until Russell’s early retirement in a couple of years.


Reunion ’01!

Candace Keeler Krop
1629 Godfrey Lane
Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Charlon McMath Hibbard has become a senior sales director for Mary Kay Cosmetics. Her sons, Jay and Brad, are in their last year of school. Brad is studying naval architecture and marine engineering at the University of Michigan. Jay, who has passed his helicopter licensing and is almost finished with his commercial requirements, is studying automotive technologies at West Michigan.

Barbara Tsairis is still directing Odyssey in Athens, a study-abroad program for college students. She gets to Greece herself as often as possible. Daughter Lexie, 24, lives in San Francisco and works for


Nancy McNiff
10419 Cable Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63131

Dean and Kirstie Anderson Wilson’s daughter Jaime, 23, works in Morristown, NJ, at HQ Global, and son Brett, 21, is at the University of Massachusetts. Kirstie is president of Family Service of Morris County, the oldest social service agency in New Jersey.

Krista Gemmell Harris still lives in Seattle, where she is teaching and performing InterPlay, an improvisational technique based on the spirit of play that weaves together movement, theater, singing, and storytelling.

Judith Haffenreffer Bennett’s son Matthew is at Tufts, daughter Sarah has entered Oberlin, and daughter Kimberly just started high school. Judith is a hospital media relations coordinator, helping husband Peter keep up with all the tuitions.

The year 2000 is chock-full of milestones for Bobbsie Hertz Rifkin’s family. Bobbsie “gracefully” celebrated her 5oth birthday last April. Daughter Laura, 18, graduated from high school and entered the University of Tampa, and daughter Emily is beginning her first year of high school.

Monica Cipnic was the subject of the feature essay in the 2000 edition of Photographer’s Market. The essay described her as a “fairy godmother” for photographers in fine art, academic, and commercial photography during the past 20 years.

This year, Dave and Keppie Miller Sullivan celebrated 25 years of marriage and their 50th birthdays as well as the graduation of their oldest son, Stephen, from UCLA’s theater, film, and TV department. Younger son Jeffrey spent the summer studying at Oxford and is at Loyola Marymount University; daughter Kate is in high school.

Along with her father and mother Miriam Ogden Cudmore ’41, Wendy Cudmore traveled to Ireland last summer. She also traveled to Italy in March with Weston High School’s Madrigal Choir. She is now chairing the self-assessment committee for Weston High’s 2002 evaluation, as she did for the 1992 version. In addition, she is junior warden of her church and vice-chair of the governing board. Understandably, she says, “I spend most of my life being tired.”


Elizabeth Nace
30 Owen Ave.
Queensbury, NY 12804

“Recently,” writes Trish Bissell, “we moved to the ‘country’ outside Bradenton, FL.” Her daughter, Heidi, she adds, soon returns from Peace Corps service in Poland.

At the Dutchess County Department of Health, Barbara Mintzer Good was promoted to supervising public health nurse with responsibility for overseeing the immunization and lead poisoning prevention programs. Husband Howie published his sixth book, The Drunken Journalist: The Biography of a Film Stereotype, and is now head of the journalism program at SUNY–New Paltz. They spent their anniversary at the Cape Cod summer home of Howie’s brother and family. Oldest son Gabriel is studying commercial art at a local college. Their three other children are also well.

Randee Hartz-Beeche remarried four years ago. Her husband, Eric, is an environmental consultant and trainer with his own company, Envirotech, in Troy, NY. With “mixed emotions,” Randee is returning to work as a fifth-grade teacher in the Niskayuna school district, after a “blissful” couple of years as a “mostly” stay-at-home mom of adopted two-year-old Michael. (She did do some consulting, providing after-school services.) She has greatly enjoyed being an “older” mom and would be happy to speak with anyone interested in “creating a family through the miracle of adoption!”

Anne Holberton Blodget saw a few “old” friends at the Harlem Boys Choir reception with the Boston alumni club. She wishes the best to all her classmates as they verge on their 50th birthdays.

Michele Meekin Ellsworth Wallace lives in Seattle and works in the exhibit outreach department of Pacific Science Center. She traveled to Valencia, Spain, for four weeks in February and March to set up two science exhibits at Ciudad de las Ciencias. Widowed twice, Michele is fortunate to have two wonderful children who continue to lift her spirits. Daughter Maeve, 21, is a junior at the U of Washington, and son Jacob has begun at Western Washington U.

Gary Muldoon’s second book, Criminal Law in New York, was published recently by West Group.

Read about Susan Robinson on the “People” page in this issue.

Martha Schannell Brennan has been named first justice of the Clinton District Court in Massachusetts, serving as administrative head of the court. If approved by the chief justice for administration and management of the Trial Court of Massachusetts, the renewable term of the appointment will be five years.

Wrey Snyder Trompeter teaches seventh-grade language arts in Stratford, CT. This fall, she serves as president of Nutmeg Reading Council.

The class extends condolences to the families of Elizabeth Hilton Gast, who died early last year, and Judith Spotanski Tilbor, who died last November.


Beth Chiquoine
150 Main Street
Wellsboro, PA 16901

Victoria Greene Aldrich has been appointed a licensed saleswoman for Blackman & DeStefano Real Estate’s Saratoga Springs office. She was formerly with Re/Max Unlimited Realty.

Laura Lasker and Wendy Bailey Hamilton ran into each other in Kent, CT, when Wendy’s daughter acted in a local play. Laura finds it weird that son Ryan is applying to colleges, because she still remembers walking into her Ross House dorm at age 18 as if it were yesterday! Daughter Rebecca is a high school freshman. Laura teaches art in Bethlehem, CT, and is writing both a novel and a children’s book, which she hopes to have published soon.

Back in 1971, Abbey Steere Koutnik studied mime with Tony Montanaro. Twenty-four years later she’s started doing mime again but this time in Christian ministry. She’s had the opportunity to study under top mimes, including Marcel Marceau.

My family and I have moved back to the Saratoga Springs area, because my husband, Joe Moore, is the new president of SUNY’s Empire State College. I still remember the first days of ESC, when it moved into some of the buildings on Skidmore’s old downtown campus.

On a sad note, Susan Shipton died this past April. The class sends condolences to her children, Christopher and Caitlin Carvalho, and her mother, sister, and brother.


Noreen Reilly
114 Cushing Ave.
Boston, MA 02125

Hoping to “see our little country mill operational in my lifetime,” says Virginian Debs Seaman Hayes-Downs, who is in the process of learning about and restoring gristmills.

Susan Luthy develops and delivers leadership programs around the world.

Jan Markham is the director of materials management for Chester County Hospital in West Chester, PA. Her husband, John Kasper, works as a marketing director.

Susan Smith Horvitz has been appointed social studies curriculum director for grades K-12 in the Fall River, MA, public schools. Her daughter, Sarah, also has quite a feather in her cap: the Wellesley College student has been named to the U.S. Freestyle Ski Team for inverted aerials.

Paula Tietjen is a self-employed health care management consultant. Her husband, William Mershon, is a software consultant with Mershon Software.


Reunion ’01!

Ingeborg Hegemann Clark
26 Kerrington Way
Stow, MA 01775

Susan Amkraut, in Westchester County, was hoping to take the summer off after 25 years of work! That would give her extra time with husband Steve Shapiro, who has his own business, and 9-year-old Melissa, who keeps busy with tennis and softball.

“All is wonderful,” writes Nancy Cook Motter, whose family has just purchased a house in Saratoga Springs, where daughter Betsy ’02 is living during her final two years at Skidmore. In July, Marjorie Volgelbach Pond ’77 joined Nancy there for a mini-reunion. Nancy’s son Rogan attended a theater program at Columbia University this summer.

A dream has come true for Georgia Little: her paintings are being exhibited in a one-woman art exhibit in New Canaan.

Betsy Lowe is enjoying seeing her brainchild, the Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks, come to fruition. A New York State Department of Environmental Conservation public affairs employee for more than 20 years, she successfully lobbied local public officials and residents and now hopes that this $20 million facility, offering a close-up look at wildlife from the furthest reaches of the 6-million acre Adirondack Park, will open as soon as 2002.

Anestis Symeonides enjoyed a brief reunion in Athens with history professor Patricia-Ann Lee and government professor emerita Mary Ellen Fischer. “Both were my mentors during my two years at Skidmore,” he says, “ and both have remained precious friends ever since.” Anestis is working on a project involving large amounts of translation from Greek to English. He is also keeping a watchful eye on daughter Alexia, 12, who has mended after being thrown from her horse in April. No less precious is younger daughter Anastasia, 5, who, after appearing in her first play, is planning on a stage career.

Furniture designed by Chip Warren is featured in the set of the new film Autumn in New York, starring Richard Gere and Winona Rider.


Constance Martin
3139 High Meadow Lane
San Jose, CA 95135

Pamela Hughes Barth visited Skidmore last winter with her daughter, a high-school junior. Pamela says it was an awe-inspiring experience to visit her alma mater with her child, who will apply for admission next year.

Victor Moreno will be working with New York State Senator David Rosado (D–Bronx). During the past two years, Victor has been a drug and alcohol counselor in the recovery home Amigos Sobrios for Hispanic men. He says the birth of his first son, Fernando, had a tremendous impact on his life. Fernando, now 18, has cerebral palsy, and although Victor’s life is filled with challenge, he has a strong desire to help people —the homeless, addicts, the disabled, and veterans. Victor lives in the New York City area with wife Virginia and son Frank, 12.

Catherine Peterson Blake and husband Steve will move off their sailboat Sojourn after five years of cruising in Mexico. Next stop, Maui. She is writing a book about their sailing life and enjoying every minute.


Billy Etkin has a request of classmates who knew his late wife, Susan Bodner Etkin. He’s compiling a book of reminiscences about their mom for children Jenny, 12, and Ben, 9, and he hopes you’ll send him a story, recollection, or memory of Susan—especially of her personality, sense of humor, loyalty as a friend, optimistic nature, etc. Photos would be welcome too. Bill’s assistant will transcribe, so you can call in your commentary to 800-385-4626 or 212-888-7500. Or write to him at Etkin & Co., 14 East 60th St., New York City 10022; or fax to 212-888-4814; or by e-mail to

When not “frolicking amongst the roses” in Greenwich, NY, Kevin McGrath sculpts stone and wood.

Alec Neville was named chief financial officer of BuildPoint Corporation, an online marketplace for contractors and suppliers in the construction industry. He previously worked for SG Cowen and Citicorp.

After 10 years as director of admissions, Emily Walker Bracchitta is “changing hats” and becoming director of guidance and college counseling at the School of the Holy Child, an independent school for girls, in Rye, NY. She sees it as a “great chance to work with Skidmore in a new capacity.”


Kim West
1245 Arden Rd.
Pasadena, CA 91106

Elizabeth Groves Campo now lives in Hong Kong and has three children.

Elisabeth Rosenberg Saxe has been appointed director of development at Stepping Stones Museum for Children in Norwalk, CT.

Karen Rosenberg Ginsberg, husband Robert, and sons Mathew, 8, and Reed, 3, live in Santa Monica, CA, where Karen is the city’s assistant director of community and cultural services, managing over $40 million in recreational improvements in the community.


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