Scope Quiz: Who, what, where?

So, tell us...
When and where was this scene shot? Most important, what are these students probably eating?

What did you eat at Skidmore? What was the worst dish you ever tried? Was there a dining hall delicacy that you longed for after you graduated?

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            From last time: Summer Quiz 2000
Prexy reviews the troops
Kathi White Taggart ’72 spotted the pick emblem on the shorts, marking these students as the Picks and the Pies (aka pics and pi’s)—the two teams of physical education majors at their summer camp before the fall semester. Marge Sigsby Noble ’58 recognizes classmates Mary Avery (or Terry Wehmann Sullivan?), Flora May Crisp Rowse, Sue Sears Tokioka?, Barbara Bongard, Terry Sheahan…. (Nancy Wiedenmann Lester ’58 confirms Barbara Bongard’s ID). Joan Bowles Averette ’58, who thinks she may have snapped this photo, spies Marge herself and also classmate Nancy Crosby Wells in the group. While Vicki Greene Aldrich ’74 (“I was a Pick!”) remembers PE camp at Fifty Acres, Jody Davenport ’54 and others say this 1956 scene is at Pine Log Camp, northwest of Saratoga near Lake Luzerne. By the way, the woman with Prexy is his wife, Marie Blain Moore.