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Spring 2003

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“As a professor of English history, I wanted to ensure that what John Milton called ‘a complete and generous’ education would always be available to our students. My gift annuity will support the History Department’s research library in perpetuity, as well as provide me with a guaranteed income for life. Thus with one gift I’ve been able to help meet future student and faculty needs, generate for myself a stream of assured income, and contribute to the College’s own history in a unique and gratifying way.”
Patricia-Ann Lee, professor emerita

“Making a deferred gift annuity to Skidmore was a most gratifying part of my retirement planning. I made the gift while still working full-time and received a current-year tax deduction on part of the principal. In a few years I’ll receive a stream of income from the College, guaranteed for life. I have the additional pleasure of knowing that my unrestricted gift will help Skidmore continue its remarkable trajectory as one of the premier liberal arts institutions in the country. ”
David Marcell, former provost

Life-income gifts like these are especially popular today, because their rates of return usually outperform stocks or CDs. It’s true! Other advantages include:

• tax savings • guaranteed income for life
• a simple, one-page contract • minimum of only $5,000 • positive impact on Skidmore’s future

Life-income arrangements can be customized to your needs; for more information, contact Skidmore’s Office of Planned Giving at 518-580-5655 or e-mail plannedgiving@skidmore.edu.


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