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Skidmore College

Application Process

Award Competition: SEE-Beyond Awards invite students to explore new techniques, technologies, or modes of inquiry or expression; to apply their academic-year learning to real-world challenges; and to clarify the interrelationship between their educational and post-baccalaureate goals. Awards may be used to support:

  • field or laboratory research in an area of the student’s choice, with the permission of the host institution and research sponsor;
  • internships with clearly defined learning goals that complement the student’s academic plan;
  • artistic residencies, workshops, apprenticeships, or productions.
Through this experience, I learned to connect my academics at Skidmore to life outside of Saratoga Springs. The interdisciplinary education we have at Skidmore could not be more appropriate for a job where innovation, flexibility, and creativity are necessary.
David Schlenker ’13, International Affairs, education internship, New Delhi, India

This list is not exhaustive nor is it meant to be prescriptive. Unless otherwise stated by the chairperson or director of your department or program, any experience that puts your classroom learning into practice or that deepens your knowledge or understanding of the discipline may be supported. We ask that you think meaningfully and creatively about the type of experience that you pursue. The SEE-Beyond web page provides past award examples as well as additional resources in some departments and programs.

Awardees will receive a $4,000 stipend for a significant summer experience of 7 –10 weeks. Experiences of shorter duration may be considered with proper justification but please note that this is a competitive award and proposals are evaluated with regard to the substance and rigor of the proposed experience. Funds may be used at the student’s discretion to cover participation fees or tuition, travel expenses, and summer room and board. SEE-Beyond Awards may be used to access opportunities anywhere in the world, except in countries with State Department travel warnings or advisories. SEE-Beyond Awards may not be used to fund job shadowing opportunities or work experience of little academic value or summer student-faculty research at Skidmore. Students receiving a SEE-Beyond Award agree to reflect on learning outcomes by way of a final written report. 

Eligibility:  Students must be enrolled full-time and be in good academic, social, and financial standing with the College. International students should check with Student Academic Services before applying to identify any requirements they need to meet to qualify for this award. These awards cannot be combined with other funded experiential learning opportunities at Skidmore.

Application Process: Complete applications must be submitted to the appropriate Department Chairperson or Program Director; check here for the dates & deadlines



Departments and programs forward their top selections on to a college-wide competition. From this pool, we will select the award winners; recipients should be notified no later than the second week in April. .

Please submit:

  1. Complete Application Form.
  2. Application Essay- Attach a brief essay (2-3 pages; typed) describing the relevance of the experience to your educational goals. Describe your preparation for the experience and how the experience will enhance your liberal arts education. You must also provide a specific description of the activities and responsibilities associated with the experience. This application process is competitive, and your essay will be judged on the quality and clarity of the writing. No vague or poorly written proposals will be accepted.
  3. Supervisor’s Statement: An on-site supervisor or sponsor must confirm your acceptance into the program, organization, or institution and indicate his or her support for the learning goals you describe. If final acceptance has not been obtained prior to the application deadline, the application will still be considered. Should your proposal be selected for funding, you will have until the acceptance deadline to confirm placement and to confirm acceptance (see dates & deadlines).

Selection Criteria:

  1. Quality of the Application Essay
  2. Substance and rigor of the experience
  3. Consistency of the experience with the student’s academic goals and degree of preparation