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Skidmore College


A fantastic, general resource is Amy Mangiaracina, Coordinator of the Summer Experience Fund (SEF). Amy is in the Career Develpment Center (CDC)and can answer questions about the application process as well as help students to research and find potential opportunities for funding.

Additionally, the list below provides some department- or program-specific resources and ideas to help develop their classroom experiences into SEE-Beyond award opportunities. Students are challenged to think creatively and concretely about ways to enhance their skills and learning.

For additional resources please contact Kim Marsella in the Office of Academic Advising. You may also want to talk to your academic advisor, department chair or program director, or other faculty that you have worked with.  Looking at the list of past awards as well as the resources provided for other departments/programs may also be helpful. 

Please note that these resources are meant to spark ideas, not to be prescriptive lists of opportunities. In some cases links may have changed but you should still be able to utilize the ideas/sources as ways to explore and begin to craft your own creative summer experiential educational experience!