Faculty Committees

Curriculum Committee (CC)

Decide what makes it to our Course Catalog!

...Well, kind of...

CC generates recommendations concerning immediate and long-range curricular matters, administers the self-determined majors program, and makes suggestions to the Faculty concerning other curricular matters brought forward by faculty, students, and the Administration.


Committee on Academic Standing (CAS)

Decide who Graduates!

...Well, kind of...

CAS formulates and administers policy relating to the academic status of students concerning probation, honors, requirements for graduation, acceleration, study abroad petitions, and leaves of absence. CAS determines the academic status of each student on the basis of the record, reports of instructors, the opinion of the faculty in the major and any other relevant data.


Committee on Academic Freedom and Rights (CAFR)

Protect Our Academic Rights!

CAFR receives inquiries and complaints and considers formal charges of violations of academic freedom and rights from any faculty member, student, administrator, or trustee. CAFR, a small time commitment that deals with weighty issues, works to guard academic freedom and rights of all members of the academic community.


Athletic Council (AC)

Are you an athlete? A fan? Publicize sporting events and fitness recreation on campus!

AC provides oversight and support for the athletic, fitness, physical activity, and recreation programs on campus, while advising the Dean of Student Affairs and others in articulating and espousing the vision for athletics, fitness and recreation at Skidmore to assure productive links between athletic and academic programs. AC also evaluates the teaching of physical activity instructors and reviews the physical activity program.