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Skidmore College
Student Government Association Student Government Association

Elections and Joining SGA


Spring 2019 Election Results

Total voters: 1105

SGA President: David Robakidze

Executive Vice President: Sophia Paulino

Vice President of Financial Affairs: Abby Ciccarone

Vice President of Academic Affairs: Riley Filister

Vice President for Inclusion and Outreach: Malchijah Hoskins

Vice President of Student Life: Rose Janowitz


CHILLMORE Chair: Bailey Mikytuck

Speakers Bureau Chair: Nigel Dawson

Student Entertainment Chair: Jess Celella


Senior Class President: Jinan Al-Busaidi

Senior Class Vice President: Bailey Mikytuck

Senior Class Senators: Maggie Wu, Dana Tohme and Shirleyka Hector

Senior Class Finance Officer: Tinashe Prince Gwakuka


Junior Class President: Raymi Ramirez

Junior Class Vice President: Michelle Kelman

Junior Class Senators: Amelia Schuster and Liza Bryan


Sophomore Class President: Mark Reyes

Sophomore Class Vice President: Myriam Dominguez-Perez

Sophomore Class Senators: Olivia Rosenblum, Pema Gyalpo and Daniel Weiss

Sophomore Class Marketing Officer: Lily He


Willingness to Serve

Willingness to serve is the process by which SGA fills committee seats and vacant elected seats in the middle of the year. Applying is fast and easy. Click here to start.

Note: Willingness to Serve will not open unitl after the Fall Elections have completed. 



Current Vacancies 


Inter-Class Council

Committees and Commissions

  • Academic Council
    • Arts Representative (2)
    • Pre-Professional Representative (2)
    • Humanities Representative (2)
    • Social Science Representative (2)
    • Pre-Professional Representative (2)
    • Natural Science Representative (2)
  • Budget and Finance Committee
  • Club Affairs Committee 
  • Communications and Operations 
  • Committee on Inclusion ahd Outreach
  • Committee on Student Life
  • Judicial Board
    • Non-SGA Justice Commissioner
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Student Entertainment Committee (SEC)
  • Falstaff's Operating Committe
    • Chair
  • Committee for Educational Policies & Planning (CEPP), Student Representative
  • Committee on Academic Freedom & Rights (CAFR), Student Representative (6)
  • Curriculum Committee Student Representative (2)
  • Committee on Academic Standing Student Representative
  • Athletic Council Student Representative
  • IPPC: Subcommittee on Student Affairs Student Representative
  • IPPC: Subcommittee on Responsible Citizenship Student Representative (2)
  • IPPC: Space Planning Working Group Student Representative
  • Committee on Intercultural & Global Understanding (CIGU) Student Representative
  • Campus Safety Security Advisory Committee Student Representative
  • Multiple Commissions

Contact with questions.