Out of Classroom Discussion Fund

HOW?: Fill out an Out of Classroom Discussion Fund proposal form located on the SGA website

WHY?: To expand your student-faculty relationship with coffee, lunch, musical performances, theatre tickets, sports events and more! Get to know your Professors outside the classroom! 

WHEN?: Submission must be completed ONE (1) week prior to scheduled meeting time. 

WHAT?: You will receive up to $10 per person; money will be reimbursed after submitting the receipt from the event. Alcohol not covered.

Instructions: Complete below form. When approved via e-mail, obtain itemized receipt of purchase. Submit your receipt to Kris Scully (Leadership Activities, Case 222). Pick up reimbursement and repeat!

Note: Students are restricted to three successful submissions per semester, with no more than two events with the same Professor. Academic Council meets once a week; forms are to be submitted as soon as possible. Questions may be directed to VP for Academic Affairs.