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Skidmore College
Solomon Northup Day

About Solomon Northup Day



The mission of this event is

An audience member at Solomon Northup Day 2013
An audience member at Solomon Northup Day 2013
  • to publicly acknowledge the contributions of Solomon Northup, along with a testament to the peculiar circumstances that placed him in history,
  • to give citizens an opportunity to appreciate first-hand how Solomon Northup’s case and terrible circumstances can lead to a greater benefit of positive change for the larger community,
  • to remember that the sacrifices made have strengthened our community so we must never forget, and
  • to honor Solomon Northup, celebrate diversity, and highlight the Black community of Saratoga Springs, New York. 

-Renee Moore
Founder, Solomon Northup Day ®—A Celebration of Freedom
Founder's Web site:



1999 - Solomon Northup Day founded by Saratoga Springs resident and Skidmore College alumna Renee Moore

1999 - Historical marker placed on Broadway to mark the area where Solomon Northup's abduction took place

2000 - Solomon Northup Day receives recognition by the Library of Congress Bicentennial Local Legacies Project

2002 - City of Saratoga Springs recognized Solomon Northup Day as annual third Saturday in July

2003 - Anacostia Museum, Smithsonian Museum honors Solomon Northup Day, guest speaker: Anthony Gaultieri

2007 - Solomon Northup Day recognized by National Parks Service Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Program

2013 - Oscar winner Lupita Nyongo from film '12 Years a Slave' speaks at Solomon Northup Day

2014 - Skidmore College takes over coordination of Solomon Northup Day events

Historic sign commemorating Solomon Northup