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Skidmore College
Staff Advisory Group

Meeting Guidelines

We agree that:

  1. Exempt and non-exempt staff members from all areas of the College are encouraged to attend meetings.

  2. No individual staff member is expected to represent or speak for her/his area.

  3. The roles of meeting facilitator and note-taker will rotate among the participants.

  4. We will listen to and welcome each participant’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences with respect, even if those thoughts, emotions, and experiences are different from our own.

  5. We will be cognizant of how much we speak as individuals to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to share.

  6. These guidelines apply to SAG Steering Committee meetings, SAG Open meetings, and all SAG Working Group meetings.

  7. This is a “living document,” and guidelines might need to be adjusted as the SAG evolves.

    • Guidelines will be amended by the SAG Steering Committee after receiving input from staff during SAG Open meetings.