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Skidmore College
Staff Advisory Group

Steering Committee Structure Description - 2/11/16

Staff Advisory Group:

  • Officially launched in September 2015

Current Steering Committee Structure:

  • Currently composed of eight staff, but not limited to this number
  • One moderator and one recorder at each meeting; these tasks rotate.

Current Steering Committee Tasks:

  • Take turns serving as moderator / recorder for SAG meetings
  • Moderator tales lead with campus communication for the relevant meeting (sends out Call for Agenda items, meeting reminders)
  • Meet or exchange emails w/ other Steering Committee members in between general SAG meetings to develop agenda
  • Answer questions that may come up from Staff and/or Administration, or bring them to full SAG meeting, if appropriate
  • Following general meeting, recorder shares minutes with those in attendance via e-mail

Benefits of Steering Committee Service:

  • Gain greater understanding of structure and systems of the college
  • Meet colleagues and develop friendships across campus
  • Access greater breadth and depth of information affecting staff
  • Have a voice in affecting positive change in college procedures through communication with Human Resources, President, and Cabinet
  • Experience greater satisfaction and sense of community through helping to create a healthier, more inclusive campus
  • Hone communication and leadership skills
  • Gain visibility as a campus leader