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Skidmore College
Staff Advisory Group
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The Skidmore Staff Advisory Group serves as a liaison between members of the staff, President’s Cabinet, and Human Resources, providing another vehicle for communication of interests, concerns, and issues. Participants create avenues whereby Skidmore College staff members may meet and connect with one another across divisional lines, gain and share information, provide input in certain matters, work on projects, receive recognition, and grow professionally.

Skidmore College staff members who may participate in this group include all full-time, part-time, and temporary exempt and non-exempt employees, except for faculty members, union employees, and student staff. This group is not a labor organization, and its purpose is not to negotiate grievances, labor disputes, wages, working conditions or rules, or hours of employment.


The goal of the Skidmore Staff Advisory Group is to promote a positive and collaborative work environment through activities that include
  • Receiving and sharing information
  • Providing input as requested relating to Skidmore’s institutional priorities and strategic goals
  • Helping to improve the College climate for staff members by engaging in discussions, providing input and suggestions, and working on various campus projects
  • Encouraging staff colleagues to participate on College standing and ad hoc committees