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Skidmore College
 Skidmore College Student Handbook

Appeals Process

A student involved in the conduct process as a Reporting Individual or a Responding Student may appeal any decision resulting from an administrative conference. Appeals will only be considered on the following grounds:

  • A procedural error occurred that significantly impacted the outcome of the process (e.g. substantiated bias, material deviation from established procedures, etc.);
  • The discovery of new evidence, unavailable to the appealing party during the original administrative conference or investigation, that could substantially impact the original finding or sanction; or
  • Sanctions are disproportionate to the nature or severity of the violation or violations, taking into account the totality of the circumstances (including the cumulative conduct record of the Responding Student, if any).

Individuals who wish to appeal a decision must submit their request for review in writing to the Dean of Students/Vice President of Student Affairs (DoS/VPSA) within five business days after receiving written notification of the decision. In cases where the DoS/VPSA was the hearing officer appeals should be submitted to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs for Residential Life (or designee).

Upon receiving an appeal, the appellate officer may decline to consider the appeal if it is not based on one or more of the criteria listed above. If the appellate officer considers the appeal, they may review the record of the case and the Responding Student’s prior disciplinary history (if any), and may consult participants present at the initial administrative conference as deemed appropriate. 

The appellate officer will review the appeal and render a decision within ten business days after receiving the written appeal.

If the appeal is granted, the appellate officer may alter the result of the case as to responsibility or sanctioning, remand the case to the original hearing officer to reconsider some or all of the case, or direct that a new hearing officer be assigned to reconsider some or all of the case. The decision of the appellate officer is final, subject to any further proceedings ordered by the appellate officer as described above.

In the event that the sanction determined by the hearing officer is suspension or expulsion and no appeal is submitted by any party, the decision will still be reviewed by the DoS/VPSA. The Responding Student or Reporting Individual may submit a written statement to be considered by the DoS/VPSA during this review process.

The DoS/VPSA always reserves the right to review and/or amend student conduct decisions.