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 Skidmore College Student Handbook

Fundamental Fairness vs. Due Process

Due process indicates a legal right to a specific process that must be used in order to determine the outcome of a complaint of student misconduct. Given Skidmore College’s status as a private institution, the College is not bound by due process but does ensure fundamental fairness to each student involved in the conduct process. In essence, fundamental fairness still offers students the right to have a written notice of all conduct charges and the opportunity for a “hearing” on those charges, within the resolution options available. Note: violations of the Title IX Policy and Enough is Enough Policy are investigated and adjudicated strictly under the published SGBM policy/procedures. Additionally, with fundamental fairness, the College is bound to following the disciplinary process published in the Student Handbook. By choosing to enroll at Skidmore College, students have agreed that they will follow the standards for behavior as published in the Student Handbook.