Student Handbook

Policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD)

Skidmore College, in accordance with Federal and New York State Law, regulates the use and possession of alcohol and other drugs on campus. The College's main objective in this regulation of AOD is to provide a safe environment that promotes academic success as well as physical and psychological health on both the individual and community levels. The College understands that students make their own choices about AOD and, when appropriate, utilizes a harm reduction framework to encourage responsible choices and safety. However, the College also believes that students should be held accountable for their choices.  AOD sanctions are designed to educate students about AOD use and encourage informed decision-making while deterring illegal and unsafe behavior.  Specifically:

  1. Education:  encourage students to discuss, reflect on, and receive support around issues that may contribute to AOD abuse and/or addiction.
    1. Educational Fees: cover the cost of evidence-based educational programming for individuals as well as for the entire Skidmore community.  In the event that a student is required to complete an off-campus AOD assessment, additional fees, payable directly to the provider, will apply.
  2. Parent Notification: aims to establish a partnership with parents in reducing high risk drinking and drug use. The College notifies parents because repeated violations of the AOD policy indicate risk both to the student personally and to the student’s academic career at Skidmore.  When the College contacts parents, tips are provided for beginning a non-judgmental, open, helpful dialogue between parents and students.
  3. Points: are designed to discourage high risk AOD use.  The number of points assigned correlates with the riskiness of the behavior in which the student was engaging.
    1. Accumulation of points – Students who accumulate 10 or more points will be recommended for immediate suspension.  The Dean of Students/Vice President of Student Affairs makes final decisions with regards to suspension.
    2. Point Reduction & Expiration–
      1. Point Reduction - Students can reduce up to two points by completing community service work (one point reduction for every 10 hours of community service completed).  Community service for point reduction must be independent of other scheduled service work and must be pre-approved by the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution.
      2. Point Expiration – Points will expire two years after they are assigned