Student Handbook

Fan Participation at Athletics Events

Realizing the importance of fans and their role in creating excitement and enthusiasm, the following guidelines have been adopted to ensure that healthy, energetic support continues at Skidmore athletics events.

1. Spectators are an important part of all athletics events and are encouraged to adhere to accepted standards of good sportsmanship and behavior.

2. Enthusiastic cheering for one's own team is encouraged.

3. Spectators should, at all times, respect officials, visiting coaches, players, and cheerleaders as guests of the community.

4. There will be no ringing of bells, sounding of horns, or other artificial noisemakers at contests during play.

5. During contests, all fans are to remain in the designated spectator areas.

6. Spectators will observe all New York State laws and campus policies regarding alcohol and tobacco consumption.

(Adopted by Skidmore Code of Conduct Committee, April 1993)