Student Handbook

Beverage Control Policies

  1. The College permits alcohol in the Spa, Falstaff's, and at official all-College events only when a College-approved vendor provides the alcohol. Students may not bring alcohol to any event. The College will consider canceling for one year any event, even an alcohol-free event, disrupted by illegal or inappropriate drinking.
  2. Alcohol is available only to those 21 years or older. A valid state or federal identification card (driver's license, non-driver identification card, etc., as per the ABC Law of New York State) and Campus Event card shall be      the only forms of accepted proof of age for Skidmore students. Guests must show two forms of ID, at least one of them being a valid state or federal identification card (driver's license, non-driver identification card,      etc., as per the ABC Law of New York State).
  3. When alcoholic beverages are available at an event, the sponsors may sell the alcohol on a cash-per-drink basis only and at a cost consistent with current alcohol beverage pricing. Sponsors who intend to sell alcohol at      an all-College event must submit the all-College event notification form and obtain the approval of the Assistant Director of Leadership Activities at least three weeks in advance of the proposed event.     
  4. With the exception of Falstaff's, alcoholic beverages must be served and consumed within a designated area ("beer garden"). Only students who have shown proper proof of age may enter the beer garden.     
  5. At all events serving alcohol, non-alcoholic beverages and food must be available in an adequate amount, throughout the event.     
  6. The College does not tolerate drinking games (i.e. beer pong) in residential buildings, college events, or student parties. The College will discipline students who permit drinking games in their rooms, apartments, events, or at parties. Additionally, the College is concerned about the presence of “empties” (empty and/or discarded beer bottles/cans and liquor bottles) in residence halls and in underage students’ apartments. In the spirit of the AOD policy, the College reserves the right to respond when there is a concern for health and wellness and/or violation of College policy (students may be cited with a Level I AOD violation).    
  7. The College does not permit mass-consumption containers at informal (as opposed to formal College-sponsored) events in the dining halls, Case Center, academic buildings, or residential buildings.
  8. At private, invitation-only functions alcoholic beverages may be available on an open-bar basis. Individual sponsors of and guests at private functions must comply with New York State ABC laws.    
  9. With the approval of the Office of Residential Life, students over 21 residing in Scribner and Northwoods Village may serve alcohol at parties. The Event Authorization Form details expectations and requirements.  This      form is available in the Office of Residential Life.


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