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Skidmore College
 Skidmore College Student Handbook

Letter from the SGA President

Dear Skidmore students,  

Welcome to the 2020-2021 academic year!  

For those of you returning to Skidmore, I am glad to have you back as we continue our journey together, and for those of you who are incoming first-years or transfer students, I am excited to welcome you to our community and encourage you all to take full advantage of everything Skidmore has to offer.  

As we embark on this new journey and this virus continues to impact the world, it is critical to acknowledge one of the main strengths of our Skidmore community, our student voice. Voice and our use of voice is at the foundation of Student Government, and it is together that we can shape a community that reflects and aims to transform Skidmore into an institution that we want our broader society to emulate. Nonetheless, in order for Skidmore to create fundamental change we must collaboratively work together to pay attention to our makeup. For that to be possible, our student leaders, specifically our student government, must understand our level of accountability for representing and addressing student concerns, and I will continue to push for this growth at an institutional level. 

As we prepare for life with the direct impact of COVID-19, the Skidmore community must continue to ask difficult questions and address campus-wide issues that relate to equity, diversity, inclusion and community safety. We are all responsible in raising these concerns to foster our community values and I look forward to working with you all to ensure that Skidmore is a place that all of our students can call home. 

This time marks a pivotal moment for Skidmore, not because we expect to dramatically change the way in which our institution functions, but because it is a time to capitalize and be innovative on what we have been doing well. 

During my time at Skidmore, students have made a real difference in the advancement of our community values and our students are strong, passionate leaders who are dedicated to our student body. Notably, this previous academic year our students created an emergency fund for students impacted by COVID-19, made significant changes to the Skidmore grading policy for Spring 2020 and worked hard to increase the student minimum wage. Skidmore continues to cultivate students, faculty, staff and administrators who are bold, fearless and willing to take risks and actions that impact not only themselves, but the institution at which we call home.  

As we start this new academic year, I encourage you to get involved, and to take part in the array of opportunities and initiatives at Skidmore throughout the year. I am beyond excited to serve with an exceptional bunch of student leaders, administrators, staff and faculty this upcoming year. Our student leaders look forward to welcoming you to our community, whether that be on campus or remote. Until then, I offer my thanks and best wishes for your health and continued success this year!

Happiness Always,  

SGA President Rachael Borthwick