Student Handbook

Campus Demonstrations and Protests

Campus demonstrations—such as marches, meetings, picketing, and rallies—will be peaceful and non-obstructive. Student demonstrations are permitted, provided that participants are not violating the Honor Code or Student Code of Conduct.  It is against College policy to cause, incite or participate in any disturbance that presents, causes, or creates a significant risk of, physical or emotional harm to others, and/or damage and/or destruction of property. Such violations might include but are not limited to the following:

Intentional or reckless interference with normal College activities and functions.  Examples of such activities/functions include but are not limited to interference with studying, teaching, public speaking, research, administration of the College, or emergency (Campus Safety, fire, or police) operations. Intentional interference with the freedom of expression of others. Actions, explicit or implied threats, or gestures, which place a person in reasonable fear of unwelcome physical contact or harm. Intentional or reckless behavior which may, or in fact does, deface or cause damage to College property or the property of others. Obstructing access to offices, buildings or other College facilities.Unauthorized entry into or occupation of any College room, building, or area of the campus, including such entry or occupation at any unauthorized time;