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Skidmore College
 Skidmore College Student Handbook

Smoking Policy Response

Skidmore College is a Smoke and Tobacco Free campus.

When the Office of Residential Life receives a report of an alleged violation of the Smoking Policy by a student, the incident will be adjudicated through the student conduct process. The Office of Residential Life will respond to these incidents with the goal of educating students about the College’s policies, as well as available resources.

If found responsible for a violation of the Smoking Policy, the following sanctions may be levied:

1st Offense- Written Warning- The written warning letter will contain information about the Smoking Policy, as well as information about cessation resources both within the Campus Community, as well as within the Saratoga Springs community.

2nd Offense- Meeting with College Administrator- During this meeting, the student will be asked to reflect upon their behavior in violation of the policy, as well as on how the plan to move forward in compliance with the policy. Example questions may include:

  • How does your decision to smoke on campus impact other members of the Skidmore community?
  • What is your understanding of the College’s policy on being a smoke-free and tobacco-free campus?
  • What motivates you to engage in smoking and/or the use of tobacco products?
  • Do you have any interest in discontinuing your use of tobacco products? What resources are available to you as you seek to discontinue your use?
  • How do you plan to modify your behavior in order to avoid future violations of this policy?

3rd Offense- Referral to Educational Program- The student will be referred to complete an educational program related to smoking and tobacco.

Visit the Smoking Policy page for more information on Skidmore's smoke and tobacco free campus.