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Skidmore College
Summer at Skidmore

Student Summer Housing Rates and Contracts

Summer Housing rates are calculated weekly from May 27 to August 4, 2018. Please review the Student Summer Housing Dates for more information.

Summer Housing Rates:

Housing Location:  Housing Rate/week: Housing Location Available to:
McClellan 3rd Floor (limited rooms available) $203 per person Summer Sessions, Interns, & Employees with special accomodations
Northwoods Apartments $238 per person Collaborative Research, Summer Sessions, Interns, & Employees

Subsidized Summer Housing:

Some departments have limited funding to provide housing subsidies for students staying on campus in the summer.

Housing subsidies generally cover 70% of the room fees.  The student is responsible for 30% of the room fees and 100% of any meal plan.

You must check with your Department or Sponsor regarding eligibility.

When filling out the Summer Housing Application, please answer YES to the question asking if you are applying for a housing subsidy.

Choose which Department is subsidizing your housing:

  • Student Academic Services
  • OP
  • Admissions
  • Collaborative Research
  • Special Programs (see details below)
  • Other, please list:_______________

We will follow up with a Director in that Department to verify the housing subsidy.

Special Programs Subsidy Details:    

Special Programs has limited funds for subsidies which are only available for Skidmore undergraduate students filling jobs within Special Programs, including, but not limited to:

  • Media Services
  • Help Desk,
  • Theater Tech Assistants
  • Zankel Summer Event Coordinators
  • Library
  • Sports Center
  • Lifeguards
  • Special Programs Office Assistants
  • Summer Operations Assistant 

Special Programs Subsidy requests must be submitted by May 6, 2018, to be given full consideration.

First priority is given to full-time positions, based on financial need as identified by the Financial Aid Office, among other factors, on a first-come, first-served basis.  If any funds remain, part-time positions may be considered. Special Programs Subsidies are for Skidmore undergraduate students only, graduates are not eligible.

Special Programs will follow up directly with the student to communicate approval or denial. 

Summer Meal Plan Options

Meal Plan: Meal Plan Rate/week:
21 meals per week
(1 breakfast, 1 lunch & 1 dinner per day)
14 meals per week $140
10 meals per week $100

It is College policy that all students living in residence halls are required to have a meal plan.

Northwoods residents are welcome, but not required, to select a meal plan.

Housing and Meal Plan Rate Terms:

  • Summer Housing rates and Meal Plan rates are calculated weekly and cannot be pro-rated by day.
  • Summer Housing and Meal Plan weeks begin with Sunday and end with Saturday.
  • Students wishing to move in earlier than Sunday will be charged for that full week of Summer Housing and Meals. Similarly, students wishing to move out after Saturday will also be charged for a full week of Summer Housing and Meals.
  • All Collaborative Research students will be housed in Northwoods and provided a full 21 meal plan. Exceptions are only made for issues of Accessibility.
  • Students wishing to drop or change their meal plan must do so within 7 days of arrival on-campus. No changes can be made after 7 days.  NOTE: Murray-Aikins Dining Hall Summer Hours are as follows: Monday- Sunday: Breakfast 7 am-9:30 am, Lunch 11:30 am-2:30 am, Dinner 5 pm – 7:15 pm. Hours are subject to change.
  • Additional charges for cleaning and damages may be applied. 
  • More conditions are listed in the Housing Agreement.

Confirmations and Payments:

  • Please check your email regularly! Your application will be confirmed upon verification, and important information will be sent out via email before and after your arrival.
  • Roommate information will be sent out approximately one week before your arrival date.
  • Room/apartment assignments will only be available at check-in to accommodate last minute changes.
  • Summer Housing and Meal Plan rates will be posted in full to your Student Account by mid-summer.
  • Room/meal charges for Collaborative Research students are paid by grants.
  • Housing subsidies may be available, check with your department or sponsor for eligibility.
  • Non-Skidmore and Graduated students must pay in full for room and board two weeks in advance of arrival.