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Skidmore College

North Woods Stewards | Skidmore Community Garden 

Skidmore Compost | Sustainability Interns

Academic Year Student Staff

North Woods Steward

Stella Piasecki '23
Environmental Studies
"Hi! My name is Stella Piasecki and I am one of the North Woods stewards this summer! I am super excited to maintain the trails and teach visitors about Skidmore’s most precious asset, the North Woods. I am really into turtles so if you happen to spy a turtle anywhere on campus let me know!"

Skidmore Community Garden

Von Richardson '25

 Skidmore Compost

lisle soft smiles with a shovel
Lisle Jamieson '24
History & Political Science Major
"I became a Compost Manager to get my hands dirty & enrich my experience of Skidmore through a wonderful community program committed to better, more sustainable practices. Also the stock option & dental insurance."
Lena Bruusema '23
Tori Adams '25

 Sustainability Interns


Emme Tissue '23
Environmental Science Major

"Sustainability and education go hand-in-hand because as the times change, so do the practices of sustainability! With my position as a Sustainability intern with a focus on education and first-year orientation, I hope to educate my peers on how to be safe while being sustainable to continue our mission of having a positive impact on our community and our environment."


Isabella Figlioli '24

  Forrest Levey '23
Maggie smiles with a chicken in her arm

Maggie Carmody '24
Environmental Science Major; Statistics Minor

“Although I love to get outside with ESS, I’m super excited to be working in the office on the new Sustainable Workplace Operations Program! I think that there’s a lot of potential for positive change in staff and faculty spaces to help incorporate sustainable practices more holistically into Skidmore’s culture."
  Margot Kelly '25
  Olivia Hunt '23