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Student Staff



Finn Gardner-Puschak ‘23



"More people need to bike! I am happy to serve as a Skidmore BikeMore manager and bring the accessibility and joy of biking to everyone. I would love to see a campus full of bikes and the great vibes that accompany bike riders."


Nick Cipriani '23


Prospective Computer Science Major

"Hey all! My name is Nick and I'm in the class of 2023. I enjoy programming in my free time and am considering adding chemistry and physics as minors, but we'll see how those classes go. I love sustainability and am excited to work with BikeMore to make sure that we have accessible and sustainable transportation on campus!"

North Woods Stewards


Jacob Adams '21


Environmental Sciences Major; Geosciences Minor

Hi! I'm JacobAdams (He/Him), and I will be the North Woods Steward for this Fall and Spring. I love being outside, playing ultimate frisbee, and meeting new people! I worked as the North Woods Steward last fall and was a steward for The Pound Ridge Land Conservancy over the summer, so I am excited to get back to working on the trails! I will be hosting socially distanced hikes, work parties, and more this fall, so I look forward to seeing you out in the woods!   

Skidmore Community Garden

Program currently on pause.


 Skidmore Compost


Elle Ping '21


Environmental Science Major

"I'm super into soil and how we can make it healthier while increasing food yields, and thereby increasing food security. Composting is a great way to do that, not to mention its beneficial effects on low-income neighborhoods. When I'm not composting, you'll find me tap dancing with Stompin' Soles or writing for the Skidmore News. Let's get composting!"


Parker Heuer '21


Environmental Studies Major

"I'm super excited to be working as a compost manager this year because composting is an awesome way to be an advocate for the environment and it's such a privilege that Skidmore makes it so easy for us all! I can't wait to have a blast at compost work parties - let's get down and dirty!"


Olivia Berson '21


Environmental Science Major; Anthropology and Spanish Double-Minor

"Composting is such a small act that can create such a huge difference, so as a Compost Manager, I hope I can get more people excited about composting and make everyone aware of the incredible benefits that it has, like keeping food waste out of landfills!"

 Sustainability Interns


Matthew Cocchi '21


Environmental Studies and Anthoropology Double-Major

"Greetings! My name is Matthew Cocchi and I am one of the Sustainability Interns! I'm happy to help and contribute to help making the college more sustainable. I am not afraid to get into all the dirty (literally!) issues of sustainability on campus, and I am always prepared to do the thing! I hope you appreciate my and the office's efforts to help make the world a better place."


Christina Lindstrom '22


Environmental Studies Major; Spanish and Economics Double-Minor

"As a Sustainability Intern, I hope to engage and challenge Skidmore’s community to think about ways to implement sustainability on campus as well as in our personal lives."


Elodie Linck '21


Dance and Political Science Double-Major

"I am a Sustainability Intern because integrating sustainability into our daily lives is essential to the health and happiness of our earth and its inhabitants. Our unsustainable practices disproportionately impact BIPOC in our communities, and that heightens the urgency to act collectively, and to act now. I hope to help our college and our students prioritize sustainability at Skidmore and in our community beyond."

Sophia Livecchi Photo

Sophia Livecchi '21


Environmental Studies Major

I am an Environmental Studies Major at Skidmore that is always looking for ways to combine environmental and social justice advocacy work with art! For this reason, I am super excited to be visually designing Skidmore's geothermal projects. I hope my designs will serve as an educational tool to the greater public on how geothermal energy works at Skidmore as well as on a global scale. 

Emme Tissue '23


Environmental Science Major

"Sustainability and education go hand-in-hand because as the times change, so do the practices of sustainability! With my position as a Sustainability intern with a focus on education and first-year orientation, I hope to educate my peers on how to be safe while being sustainable to continue our mission of having a positive impact on our community and our environment."


Kieran Yater '22 


Environmental Studies and Political Science Double-Major

"I became a Sustainability Intern because I want to help implement sustainable initiatives on Skidmore’s campus that improve student life and simultaneously protect our environment. I believe sustainable practices positively benefit all aspects of our community."



Sustainable Workplace


Luna Peralta '23


Prospective Environmental Science Major; Media and Film Minor

"Hello my name is Luna and I go by She/Her pronouns. I have always been interested in protecting the environment because in my eyes it is our most precious resource. Along with the environment, I am interested in environmental justice because coming from a low socio-economic background and being a minority I personally know not everyone is seen as equal. Being a part of the Workplace Program team, I hope to educate offices around campus about what it means to be fully sustainable."