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Student Staff



Will Borowka ‘20

Major: environmental studies

"Working with the Sustainability Office allows me to help make Skidmore a greener community, and also meet new people all over campus."


Freddie Klaus '20

Major: environmental science

"I work for the Sustainability Office because I love this planet and want to see it happy and healthy! Bikes are also by far the best method of transportation, and I hope to inspire the Skidmore community to choose them over cars whenever they can. Beyond being environmentally friendly, bikes are fun, and I want everyone on campus to be able to appreciate the joy of a bike ride!

Peace, love and bike grease!"


North Woods Stewards


Jacob Adams '21


Skidmore Community Garden


Ella Long '20




Skidmore Compost


Abby Grayburn '20

Major: environmental studies

“Hi all! I'm working in the Sustainability Office to engage my peers in sustainable practices to ensure a green planet for all generations to come :) I also love spending time outdoors when the sun is shining!”


Andy Rhodes '20

Major: environmental studies

Minors: film and media studies, Spanish

"I work for the Sustainability Office because I love the outdoors, whether it’s downhill skiing, hiking in the Adirondacks or gazing at the beauty of Mother Earth. My passion for sustainability drives me to give back and to be grateful for the environment."



Sustainability Representatives



Low-Impact Dining


Zoe Pagliaro '20

Majors: environmental studies and political science

"My name is Zoe Pagliaro, and I am a member of the class of 2020. I am from South Kingstown, Rhode Island, and I am very passionate about the environment! I am double-majoring in environmental studies and political science to hopefully help combat global warming someday. At Skidmore College I am a first-year senator for the Student Government Association and a sustainability representative. I love working for the Sustainability Office to promote sustainability on campus!"