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Student Staff


Will Borowka

Will Borowka ‘20

Environmental Studies & Political Science Double-Major

"I enjoy being the BikeMore Co-Manager because it allows me to meet new people all over campus and I can directly observe how the work I do impacts Skidmore. I love seeing people riding around all over campus and downtown in the spring; it always brings a smile to my face."


Freddie Klaus '20

Environmental Science Major

"I work for the Sustainability Office because I love this planet and want to see it happy and healthy! Bikes are also by far the best method of transportation, and I hope to inspire the Skidmore community to choose them over cars whenever they can. Beyond being environmentally friendly, bikes are fun, and I want everyone on campus to be able to appreciate the joy of a bike ride!

Peace, love and bike grease!"


North Woods Stewards


Jacob Adams '21

Environmental Science Major; Geoscience Minor

"I am a Northwoods Steward so I can learn more about how to protect and manage forested land! In the past, I have worked on things like this on a small scale, so I am excited to maintain such a large portion of land on my own."


Skidmore Community Garden


Ella Long '20

Art & Math Double-Major; Computer Science Minor

"I love the fulfillment and excitement of working in the garden. As manager, I hope to take good care of our veggies and to empower our volunteers to grow their own food and to get involved in community agriculture!"



Skidmore Compost


Abby Grayburn '20

Environmental Studies Major

"I'm excited to get messy with compost this year! I became a compost manager to engage with food waste initiatives on campus and tell people why composting is so easy, fun, and productive. Let's get stinky."


Andy Rhodes '20

Environmental Science Major; Studio Art Minor

"In the consumeristic society we all live in, it’s not shocking that 1/3rd of all food produced is wasted. As a Compost Manager, I hope to make a difference in students’ lives by showing them how they can utilize their food waste and transform it into healthy organic matter. I also don’t mind getting a little dirty along the way!"


 Alex Ricci '20

Environmental Studies Major; Management and Business Minor

"I am a compost manager because I want to help educate people on the endless benefits compost has not only for nutrient rich soil but also for the planet and waste management! GO COMPOST!"


Sustainability Representatives


Nina Bernhardt '22

Studio Art Major; Biology Minor 

"As an S-Rep, I am excited to persuade more people to care about sustainability because it is truly a universal issue and covers many more areas of study than just the sciences."


Olivia Berson '21

Environmental Studies Major; Anthropology and Spanish Double Minor

I am an SRep because I want to influence others to have the same love for the environment that I have. I hope to create a positive change on campus to make other students aware of environmental issues we face everyday and how they can help the Earth!

 Matt Cocchi

Matthew Cocchi '21

Environmental Studies Major; Anthoropology Minor

"I became an S Rep because I've always loved the environment and I want to work to protect it! Its very important to get people involved and in on the action, in order to enact some real change!"


Parker Heurer '21 

Environmental Studies Major

"I'm an S-Rep because I am passionate about sustainability and like to discuss it with others, hopefully encouraging them to strive to be sustainable!"


Adam Kaszas '20

Environmental Science Major

"Everybody can make a difference, and as an S-Rep manager, I want to empower people to make environmentally conscious decisions."

 Christina Lindstrom

Christina Lindstrom '22 

Environmental Studies & Economics Major; Spanish Minor

"As an S-rep, I hope to get more students engaged in thinking about how their individual actions can and do have an impact on sustainability at Skidmore. Sustainability only ever works if everyone is on board!"


Low-Impact Dining

Zoe Pagliaro

Zoe Pagliaro '20

Environmental Science Major; Political Science Minor

"I am a senior from South Kingstown, Rhode Island! I love sharing my passion for sustainable food systems with the Skidmore community through being a low-impact manager!"


 Clara Thompson '20

International Affairs Major; Media and Film Studies Minor

"As a low-impact dining manager I am excited to educate Skidmore on how to consume sustainably and to show what the dining hall is doing!"