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Join the North Woods Stewards for a family friendly and educational tour of Skidmore's North Woods. It will include basic plant and tree identification and learning about how the North Woods ecosystem functions. Free and open to the public.

Do you like to ride bikes? Scooters? Unicycles? Roller-blades? ALL are welcome to join for an epic ride around Skidmore's beautiful campus on Friday, May 3rd at 6pm.

With the help and support of students, faculty and staff, and community members, we will be joining forces to create Skidmore's first CRITICAL MASS event.

Critical Mass events occur in cities ALL over the world and raise awareness about safety on the streets for everyone and sustainable transportation. Come to the Gazebo on May 3rd at 6pm to join us for this exciting event! Bring a bike or form of transport if you have one. If not, come anyway! Skidmore's bike share program can lend you one! Wear a costume, a mask or anything that will get Skidmore's attention---> Creative thought matters!!! Veggie burgers/burgers/yummy food will be provided after the ride.

Jointly sponsored by Sustainable Saratoga, the League of Women Voters of Saratoga County, and Skidmore College's Environmental Action Club, this forum will address people's concerns about the ways in which climate change may affect our region, with an emphasis on what we can do to reduce risks and adapt to climate challenges.

Mark Lowery, Climate Policy Analyst, Office of Climate Change, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Gary Kleppel, Professor of Biological Sciences; Director of Biodiversity, Conservation & Policy at SUNY Albany; member of Sen. Gillibrand's Agricultural Working Group; active farmer
Jodi Smits Anderson, architect; Director of Sustainability at the NYS Dormitory Authority; board member, US Green Building Council
Rayna Caldwell, Chair, Sustainable Saratoga

Please join us for this informative presentation and discussion. Questions from the audience will be encouraged.

Please attend an evening lecture and discussion with Author and innovator in environmental education - David Sobel, core faculty at the Department of Education at Antioch University New England and Project Director at the Antioch New England Institute.
Sobel has written extensively on the merits of Place Based Education, developmentally appropriate environmental education, inquiry science, mapmaking with children, cognitive development and developmental theory, school improvement, children and nature, and parenting with nature. Refreshments will be served.
Sobel is Author of - Childhood and Nature - Place-Based Education: Connecting Classrooms & Communities - Children’s Special Places: Exploring the Role of Forts, Dens, and Bush Houses in Middle Childhood - Know nukes : controversy in the classroom - Beyond Ecophobia: Reclaiming the Heart in Nature Education - Mapmaking with Children: Sense of Place Education for the Elementary Years.
Refreshments will be served This event is free and open to the public.

Sustainable Skidmore, the North Woods Stewards, and the Skidmore Student Conservation Corps are hosting a community service day to help with trail maintenance, clean up, and erosion control in Skidmore’s North Woods, a large tract of forested land north of campus.

An event to celebrate the students who have worked on sustainability at Skidmore! We will celebrate the accomplishments of the past few years and look forward to next year!
This gives us a chance to gather as a big group, which we don't do very often! Upcoming S-Reps will have the chance to meet current S-Reps, interns can share their experiences this year, and we can share our gratitude for one another and for the time we have together at Skidmore!

Lecture by Dr. John Todd, a leader in the use of living systems for water purification. His work spans business, residential, small village, big town, etc. installations (see Dr. Todd is one of the pioneers in the emerging field of ecological design and engineering and the founder and senior partner of John Todd Ecological Design. Beyond his numerous awards and citations including the 2008 Buckminster Fuller Award, Dr. Todd has degrees in agriculture, parasitology & tropical medicine from McGill University and a doctorate in fisheries and ethology from the University of Michigan. Dr. Todd is currently a tenured research professor at the School of Natural Resources and both a Distinguished Lecturer and Fellow of the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics at the University of Vermont. He is also the founder and president of Ocean Arks International, a non- profit research and education organization established in 1981.
The Island President lifts the issue of global warming out of the theoretical and into the personal. President Mohamed Nasheed is trying to prevent 385,000 people from drowning. His nation of 1,200 low-lying islands, the Maldives, is sinking into the Indian Ocean as sea levels rise due to global warming. Climate change experts say that some of the islands will be submerged within 20 years, threatening the lives of the largely impoverished inhabitants as well as inundating the lavish resorts that dot the islands. Nasheed’s unprecedented contingency plan is to move his entire population to a new homeland. As he conducts serious discussions about this with Sri Lanka and Australia, Nasheed is doing all he can to prevent this looming disaster by trying to convince world leaders to halt global warming.

There will be a 45 minute conversation after the viewing focused on the issue of climate change and global warming with Hulwa Khaleel, a current Skidmore student who is from the Maldives.