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Skidmore College

E-Waste Recycling Day

In May 2021, the Sustainability Office is kicked off a semi-annual event to collect electronic waste (E-waste) items from students, faculty, and staff in an easy and streamlined manner. Our next drive will be in 2023. Members of the college community can bring in their broken electronics, batteries, old devices, and other electronic items that cannot be traditionally landfilled or recycled due to their toxic chemical contents. Our Ewaste collector, EWASTE+, will be picking up the items from this event.


More about our 2021 event:

The 2021 event will be hosted on May 6th, from 12:00-5:00 PM in the Falstaffs Parking Lot, located between Falstaffs and the Annex building. Please email any questions to

A recycling fee for large display devices* will be collected to cover collection costs. Cash or Venmo payment to @SkidEwaste are accepted. Costs are as follows:
*laptops and tablets are not considered display devices and are free

  • A $20 fee for display devices (TVs, monitors, etc.) with screen sizes below 28” diagonal.
  • A $40 fee for any of these devices with screens above 28" diagonal.
  • $0.35/lb for CRT devices like tube televisions (50lb = $17.50, 100lb = $35, etc.) 
arrow from top left corner to bottom right corner demonstrates how to measure screen size

Screen Size is measured diagonally, from top to bottom corner,
without including the frame.


Traffic will be directed in the following pattern to facilitate item drop-off and traffic flow:

E-waste map shows arrows going counter clockwise. The station for drop off is in the top right hand side of the parking lot.