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Skidmore College

Faculty and staff program opportunities

Faculty and staff looking to volunteer or get involved in campus programs have many opportunities.

Volunteer with the Give+Go

At the end of each academic year, Sustainable Skidmore coordinates the Give+Go, an annual program designed to capture used goods that students leave behind and donate them to local and regional nonprofits. Each year we rely on staff and faculty volunteerism. Some community members volunteer one or two lunch breaks at the end of the year, while others volunteer a Saturday or Sunday to help the cause. If interested in volunteering with the Give+Go during this coming move out season, please contact Sustainable Skidmore.

Sustainable Workplace Program

Sustainable Skidmore is currently piloting a new Sustainable Workplace Program, which will be available to the entire campus community at the beginning of the 2014–15 academic year. If you're interested in having your workplace certified, contact Sustainable Skidmore.


Although it's not technically a program, the Skidmore Carpooling blog is an excellent way to start your day off sustainably. Please visit the blog to set up a schedule with someone living in your area.