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Skidmore College

Sustainability in the News

  • Polling just a tiny fraction of the Skidmore community reveals a wide range of reasons to be thankful this year:
    Nov 21 2017
  • The annual Harvest Dinner this fall drew a record number of students for a feast of local and campus-grown sustainable fare.
    Nov 9 2017
  • Courses on farm and food politics, literature and nature, and "watershed science for a crowded planet" are just a few of Skidmore's academic offerings that address sustainability issues.
    Oct 13 2017
  • lectures+roundup%3A+Maya+figure
    A Hillel-sponsored talk by a Palestinian Muslim is among the guest lectures on campus soon.
    Oct 9 2017
  • Jody+Sperling+Ice+Cycle
    Choreographer Jody Sperling has danced on the shrinking Arctic ice, and she's bringing her expressive movement to Skidmore this week, Oct. 5 and 6.
    Oct 4 2017
  • Brian+Search+and+Edvinas+Rupkus+%2719
    Skidmore's Give and Go again collected truckloads of leftover dorm-room and apartment goods for donation to Saratoga's racetrack workers and others.
    Jun 23 2017
  • EV+charger+at+Case+lot
    With its second electric vehicle charger, Skidmore is building a green-transportation hub at center campus.
    Jun 20 2017
  • corporate-green+illo
    Given today's world politics, can the private sector do the job of promoting environmental and economic sustainability? Corporate-sustainability expert Laura Gitman offers answers this Thursday, Feb. 9, at 7 p.m. in Davis Auditorium.
    Feb 7 2017
  • solar+panels
    The 2017 Princeton Review gives Skidmore a score of 94 out of 100 for its sustainability, and New York State calls it a leader among green campuses.
    Nov 21 2016
  • Building a sustainable-energy system for the college's future Center for Integrated Sciences, Skidmore will drill some 240 geothermal wells and create a control center like the one pictured here.
    May 13 2016
  • Skidmore celebrates sustainability during a range of Earth Week activities.
    Apr 19 2016
  • A series of short videos about Skidmore's North Woods offers special insight into this campus treasure.
    Jan 28 2016
  • Greenberg+book
    We import farmed salmon and export wild salmon. From cod and tuna to shrimp and oysters, the seafood sourcing crisis will be discussed in a Dec. 10 talk by a prominent author.
    Dec 7 2015
  • Frongillo+lecture+poster
    Dominic Frongillo, a climate change advocate who rallied efforts against fracking, will help launch Skidmore's energy awareness campaign.
    Oct 19 2015
  • Skidmore's new concert-stage lighting can shine green, but even greener is its much-reduced environmental impact.
    Oct 13 2015
  • Floods, droughts, and pollution are urgent concerns in many developing nations. A World Bank environmental expert has some new approaches to share in the fall ES keynote talk.
    Sep 21 2015
  • North Woods stewards wear many hats--scientist, historian, hiker, organizer--to foster love and respect for the campus forest.
    Aug 6 2015
  • Skidmore's student-run organic garden has always supplied produce to the campus dining hall. Now it's mushrooming--literally.
    Jun 26 2015
  • The gift to Skidmore of a 120-acre parcel by Michael and Margaret Roohan has substantially increased the College's holdings of undeveloped property available for teaching and research.
    Apr 28 2015
  • Skidmore students don't limit their environmental and sustainability activism to just one day on the calendar. Their engagement can be seen regularly on campus and in the community.
    Apr 23 2015