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Skidmore College

Sustainability Interns

Skidmore's Sustainability repsIn Fall 2020, we launched the Sustainable Intern program, where our student team takes on projects to further integrate sustainability practices across campus. We leverage the creativity and dedication of these students to coordinate tangible pilot projects and research next steps for campus. The Sustainable Intern program gives students experience with project management and stakeholder engagement. In addition, this intern team manages peer-to-peer eduation opportunities, like our annual energy-conservation competiton, Skidmore Unplugged. Visit our Jobs and Internships page to see if we have any Intern positions available. Please send any additional inquiries to

In years past, this team focused entirely on peer-to-peer education, and this staff group was called the Sustainability-Representatives (S-Rep's). The S-Rep team generated awareness about campus sustainability and inspired behavior change through programming and educational initiatives across campus. Given student feedback in support of project-based work, we have reimagined the role and responsibilities of this team.