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Sustainability Rep Job Description

Sustainable Skidmore’s student S-rep program is designed to increase environmental awareness and inspire behavior change in the residence halls. S-Reps offer information on environmental topics, serve as a sounding board for environmental concerns in the residence halls and offer activities surrounding sustainability. They educate their residence hall mates about environmental issues such as energy conservation and waste reduction and will help plan related activities in their residence halls. S-Reps must attend fall training in September and weekly training and planning meetings (day and time TBA). At each meeting you will help plan activities, and brainstorm actions you'll take in your residence halls over the following week and throughout the semester. Other duties include group activities, collaborative projects, and opportunities to represent the Eco-Rep Program at various campus events. Fall semester topics include: waste reduction and recycling, climate change, and energy conservation. All S-Reps will be housed in the halls where they will work.

What We Are Looking For

What You Will Gain

Time Commitment

S-Reps are paid for an average of 4 hours/week, however there are weeks where there are events and other activities on campus where S-Reps will be encouraged to participate even though it will extend beyond their 4 hour/week commitment. Much of your work will be done independently, on your own schedule. There will be mandatory weekly training meetings for approximately 1 hour that will count towards your 4 hr/week commitment. Fall training is MANDATORY for all S-Reps. S-Reps who miss more than one meeting per semester may be asked to leave the program. S-Rep positions are for a full year.

(Job description is general, and may change in detail from year to year. Adapted from UVM's Eco-Rep Program.)