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Skidmore College

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I recycle at Skidmore?

Skidmore has recycling bins throughout campus. Skidmore uses zero-sort recycling so make sure your products are recyclable by checking out this graphic. Students are welcome to recycle their e-waste on campus in Wait Basement. E-waste recycling associated with the college equipment is managed by IT and Facilities. Read more at our Waste webpage or the E-waste webpage.

Can I join BikeMore?

Bikemore is open to Skidmore students, faculty and staff during the Fall, Spring, and Summer sessions. Follow the instructions at our Bikemore page to sign up. Please note that the program is in winter storage from roughly November through April to keep riders safe and prevent wear and tear on the bikes from ice and salt.

Where can I find a map of North Woods?

Visit the North Woods homepage for the most up to date map available.

What has Skidmore done for divestment or responsible investment?

In 2014 at the request of faculty and students, President Glotzbach created a Task Force on Divestment to evaluate the feasibility and impacts of divesting from fossil fuels. Review the Task Force’s research and recommendations at the website. 

When are jobs and internships posted?

At this link you can find our available internships and descriptions of all the jobs we offer throughout the year! Jobs are posted in mid-october for spring position and in mid-March for fall positions.

How can I get a job or an internship with the Office?

To apply for an internship, either visit the Sustainability Office in Wieking Hall or email Make sure you check out the job descriptions at this link to check for any required application materials.

I have an idea for a sustainability project or program. How do I get started?

Email us at We would love to hear your input and work with you to advance sustainability on campus!

I want my club to partner with the Sustainability Office, what are my options?

Email us your idea at and we will coordinate with you!

How do I compost?

Students living in the Northwoods and Sussman Apartment Villages may participate in the student-run Skidmore Compost program. Each apartment is given a small compost bin and has bin liners available in the building's laundry rooms. Food scraps may be dropped in the blue compost bins outside of every building. Student volunteers and compost managers take care of the rest! Check out the graphic below to check what is compostable and what isn’t! If you have any additional questions, email

Image shows that users SHOULD compost veggie waste and coffee grounds and SHOULD NOT compost dairy products or meats.

Can I get datasets for my class?

Professors can review our Inventories and Reports page here for more information about what we track on campus. Email us at for more information and specific datasets.

What volunteer opportunities can I offer my class on campus and off campus?

The Sustainability Office has composed lists of ways to get involved on and off campus that are available at this link.

Can I use the Skidmore Community Garden for a class or project?

Yes. We can also offer tours or just share the space for events or gatherings. Please email at

Can I use Skidmore North Woods for a class or project?

North Woods is free for everyone to use. If you have more questions, email

Can I get a campus Sustainability Tour for my class?

Yes! We offer classes both general sustainability tours and tours of our geothermal nodes. To schedule a tour, email