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Skidmore College

How does it work?

Skidmore Unplugged is an annual energy-conservation competition designed to promote energy-conscious behavior through education. The program promotes competition among campus residence halls to achieve the greatest reduction in electricity usage and to win a water-bottle refilling station for the hall that succeeds.

Skimore Unplugged trophySkidmore Unplugged one of the largest campuswide sustainability events on campus. It is organized by the S-Reps in collaboration with a number of other student groups, including Lively Lucy’s, Hayat, Awkward Kids Talking, Outing Club and Environmental Action Club. Many exciting events are held throughout the competition. Past events include a meditation workshop in partnership with the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life and One Roof Saratoga, an acoustic concert and potluck dinner at Falstaff’s for Lively Lucy’s Unplugged and a costume clothes swap and s’mores on Case Green for “S’morbid.”

Each hall is individually metered, so students can now see how much electricity each residence hall is using. Over the 21-day period, each student can see which hall has reduced its energy consumption by the greatest percentage. The overall goal is for students to learn about ways to decrease their electricity consumption and to have fun.

During the 2013 competition, residents collectively saved 6,218 kW, enough to power Kimball for 10 days!

Skidmore Unplugged

How are we doing?

Students can monitor the energy consumption of the various residence halls on the Skidmore Unplugged Facebook page, which is updated daily. The Facebook page also offers daily trivia questions and other challenges students can participate in to win prizes.

Skidmore buildings update

Skidmore versus other competing schools



In the past, prizes have included:

  • A water-bottle refilling station for the winning residence hall
  • Free burrito cards to Chipotle for participants
  • Entry into a raffle for gift certificates from local businesses such as Uncommon Grounds, Ben & Jerry’s, Esperanto's, Putnam Market, Skidmore Shop and Sushi Thai
  • The name of the winning hall engraved on the Skidmore Unplugged trophy, permanently on display in Case Center

Past Winners

  • 2015: Wilmarth Hall, 7% reduction
  • 2014: Penfield Hall, 4.4% reduction
  • 2013: Kimball Hall, 16% reduction
  • 2012: Wlimarth Hall, 8.7% reduction
  • 2011: Wiecking Hall, 4% reduction
  • 2010: Wiecking Hall, 4% reduction
  • 2009: McClellan Hall, 12% reduction


The Communications Design II class created all of the materials for this annual event, including the logo, emails, stickers, posters, tips, brochures, light switch stickers and a building dashboard website.

The Skidmore Unplugged trophy was created by John Galt's "Advanced Sculpture" class. A special thanks to Dave Rollins and Charlie Engelman for their efforts on the trophy! The trophy will be displayed in Case Center, and the name of the winning residence hall from each year will be engraved on a small plaque on the trophy.