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Center for Sex and Gender Relations

Peer Advocate Expectations and Job Description


The Center for Sex and Gender Relations is a student-driven organization for advocacy, training, and education pertaining to all aspects of sexual health, sexual conduct, relationships, gender and orientation.  The Center is operated by a group of Peer Advocates under the guidance of the Office of Health Promotion.  Through partnerships with on and off campus resources, the Center is able to provide information and counseling referrals.  The Center is a confidential space located on the 3rd Floor of Case Center where all students can visit to gather information about safer sex practices, purchase products, look at various resources regarding sexuality and gender, or hold discussions about sexual relationship issues. 

Peer Advocate Requirements


Duties and Responsibilities

Peer Advocates (PA’s) work as resource guides for information seeking parties. Peer Advocates are not counselors. PA’s will work with the Center for Sex and Gender Relations as a resource and referral person. PA’s will participate in trainings on policies and procedures of Skidmore College, sexual health, campus and community resources (both on and off campus). PA’s are the connection between students and the above resources. They are knowledgeable, open, friendly, and maintain confidentiality.

Peer Advocates will not serve as the primary counselor for victims and/or their friends, accompany victims to the hospital; force a victim to make a formal report, take a report or ask for the perpetrator(s) name(s).


Minimum Requirements of Peer Advocates






Center for Sex and Gender Relations

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