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Skidmore College
Voting Information

Welcome to the Skidmore College voter registration webpage. The information on this site is designed to help students and other members of the Skidmore community register to vote.

Skidmore actively promotes student voter registration for two reasons. The college is responding to a mandate of the reauthorization of the federal Higher Education Act, which requires that colleges and universities make a good-faith effort to provide voter registration forms to all students. Additionally, registering and voting are actions of an informed citizenry, which is a key goal of the College's Strategic Plan.

In order to register to vote, an individual must be a U.S. citizen and at least 18 years old at the time of the next election. Many college students may not be aware that they may register to vote in one of two places: in their college communities, where they will use a voting machine; or in their hometown, typically via absentee ballot. The Skidmore campus has been designated a voting site by the city of Saratoga Springs, allowing the placement of a voting machine on campus for every election.

AVote!ny member of the Skidmore community who wishes to register and vote in New York State may obtain a form for this purpose online. Students completing the form are reminded to list their residence hall (e.g., Jonsson Tower) as their residence address. Please do not list a post office box as a campus residence address. Students who reside off campus must provide street addresses as their residential address. This may mean that their polling place will be different from the on-campus site. (Registered voters will be informed via postcard of the location of their polling place before election day.) Throughout the first few weeks of the fall semester, many campus organizations will be sponsoring nonpartisan voter drives at the Tang Museum, Case Center and the dining hall atrium. 

For information on registration deadlines, please see the New York State Board of Elections website.