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The German Program

The German Program Career Opportunities

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ReichstagBeginning Business German

The German section offers a course for beginners interested in learning German for business and professional use. The course is an introduction to German language and culture in the context of business. Students learn the elementary German language skills needed to understand and perform basic business transactions, read texts related to business, write a résumé and rudimentary business correspondence, and understand the culture of business in the German-speaking world. Four hours of class, one hour of drill or tutorial. Presupposes no previous study of German. For further information, contact Professor O'Brien.

German for Business Certification: Zertifikat Deutsch für den Beruf

The department encourages qualified students of economics and business to take the Zertifikat Deutsch für den Beruf (ZDfB). This examination, jointly developed by the Goethe Institute and the Deutscher Volkshochschulverband, attests to students' knowledge of business German and their ability to express themselves orally and in writing. The department administers the ZDfB examination annually. For more information, contact Professor Wildermuth.

FG 301 Business German

An introduction to business institutions in Germany. The course focuses on economic geography, correspondence, and government requirements for business, as well as vocabulary used in banking, advertising, stock market, insurance, communications, and export and import. Students will be encouraged to take the Zertifikat Deutsch für den Beruf examination at the end of the semester. Strongly recommended for students majoring in German, business, and economics or interested in an international career. Prerequisite: FG 208 or permission. For more information, contact Professor Wildermuth.

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