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Skidmore College
Water Resources Initiative (WRI)

A map slice showing the Skidmore campus in 1968
Visual Landscape and Land Use Project

Capturing and Preserving Historical Aerial Photography: Creating a GIS Database of Local Watershed Imagery (2009)

Joe Eisenberg '09 and Alex Chaucer, GIS Instructional Technologist

Aerial photography captures an important historic record of the surface of the earth at a specific date.  This snapshot in time can yield valuable information about both physical and human geographic activity, which in turn can help to inform research in environmental studies, biology, history, sociology, economics, anthropology, and other disciplines.  This project took a collection of over one thousand historic aerial photos from Saratoga County Soil and Water, taken between 1942 and 1986, and developed a digital system of access for local watershed research projects.

This collection of aerial photographs was compiled and georeferenced in the summer of 2009 by Skidmore student Joe Eisenberg. The collection includes over 1200 photographs. The original photographs were provided by the Saratoga County Soil and Water Conservation District.