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Skidmore College
The Philip Boshoff Writing Center

ELL Specialists on Staff 

The Writing Center staffs two ELL specialists to serve as a resource for faculty and students. They hold tutoring hours on the Writing Center schedule and can also be contacted directly via email to set up an appointment or field questions.  

Students might use the specialists for:

  • Understanding assignments or professor feedback
  • Preparing essays
  • More in-depth coverage of language issues
  • Learning techniques students can employ on their own

Faculty might use the specialists for:

  • Learning more about the ELL population at Skidmore, especially the opportunities and challenges that are unique to our liberal arts setting 
  • Discussing the implications of mixed-fluency learners on course design
  • Exploring ways to integrate language study into non-EN courses (e.g., "Writing Across the Disciplines")
  • Help exploring ELL-related research