1960s British Rock & Pop Chronology
January JAN | FEB | MAR | APR | MAY | JUN | JUL | AUG | SEP | OCT | NOV | DEC
1 Marmalade: "Ob-la-di Ob-la-da" [RR #1 for 1 week]
  Jethro Tull: "Love Story" [Island WIP 6048; charts; RR #29]
3 Cream: "White Room" / "Those Were the Days" [Polydor 56300; release]
Bandwagon: "You" [Direction release]
8 Scaffold: "Lily the Pink" [RR #1 for 1 week]
12 Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin [Atlantic UK 588 171; US 19126 on 17 January; recorded 10/68]
  London: 5,000 riot protesting racial violence
13 The Beatles: Yellow Submarine [US release]
  Bonn: Harold Wilson consults West Germany about British entry into European Economic Community
15 Marmalade: "Ob-la-di Ob-la-da" [RR #1 for 2 weeks]
  Cream: "White Room" [Polydor 56 300; charts; RR #28]
Animals: "Ring of Fire" [MGM 1461; charts; RR #35]
17 The Bee Gees: "Odessa" [Polydor release]
  The Beatles: Yellow Submarine [Apple/Parlophone PMC 7070 (mono) / PCS 7070 (stereo); UK release]
  Paris: France boycotts Western European Union
24 The Move: Move II [Regal Zonophone release]
29 Fleetwood Mac: "Albatross" [RR #1 for one week]
  Amen Corner: "(If Paradise Is) Half as Nice" [Immediate IM 073; charts; RR #1]
Long John Baldry: "It's Too Late Now" [Pye 7N 17664; charts; RR #21]
Harmony Grass: "Move in a Little Closer" [RCA 1772; charts; RR #24]
  Other January Artifacts
  Belfast: Britain deploys troops to counteract terrorism and communal violence
February JAN | FEB | MAR | APR | MAY | JUN | JUL | AUG | SEP | OCT | NOV | DEC
5 Move: "Blackberry Way" [RR #1 for 1 week]
  Peter Sarstedt: "Where Do You Go to, My Lovely" [United Artists UP 2262; release/chart; RR #1]]
Englebert Humperdinck: "The Way It Use to Be" [Decca F 12879; charts; RR #3]
Paul Jones: "Aquarius" [Columbia DB 8514; charts; RR #45; last chart]
12 Amen Corner: "(If Paradise Is) Half as Nice" [RR #1 for 2 weeks]
  Cilla Black: "Surround Yourself with Sorrow" [Parlophone R 5759; charts; RR #3]
Sandie Shaw: "Monsieur Dupont" [Pye 7N 17675; charts; RR #6]
Love Affair: "One Road" [CBS 3994; charts; RR #16]
Barry Ryan: "Love Is Love" [MGM 1464; charts; RR #25]
Malcolm Roberts: "May I Have the Next Dream with You" [Major Minor MM 581; re-charts; RR #45]
Vince Hill: "Doesn't Anybody Know My Name?" [Columbia DB 8515; charts; RR #50]
19 The Bee Gees: "First of May" [Polydor 56304; charts, RR #6]
Don Partridge: "Breakfast on Pluto" [Columbia DB 8538; charts; RR #26]
Max Bygraves: "You're My Everything" [Pye 7N 17705; charts; RR #34]
23 The Who and others perform in an 8-hour extravaganza at the Roundhouse
25 Vince Hill: "Little Blue Bird" [Columbia DB 8616; charts; RR #42]
  London: President Richard Nixon visits Elizabeth II
26 Peter Sarstedt: "Where Do You Go to, My Lovely" [RR #1 for 4 weeks]
  Noel Harrison: "Windmills of Your Mind" [Reprise RS 20758; charts; RR #8]
Cliff Richard: "Good Times (Better Times)" [Columbia DB 8548; charts; RR #12]
  Other February Artifacts
  Status Quo: "Make Me Stay a Bit Longer"
Deep Purple: "Emmaretta"
March JAN | FEB | MAR | APR | MAY | JUN | JUL | AUG | SEP | OCT | NOV | DEC
2 Maiden flight of the Concorde
5 Hollies: "Sorry Suzanne" [Parlophone R 5765; charts; RR #3]
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich: "Don Juan" [Fontana TF 1000; charts; RR #23]
7 The Who: "Pinball Wizard" [UK release, RR #4 4/69]]
  London: Victoria Line (London Underground) opens
8 Jersey, Channel Islands: The Small Faces give their final concert at the Springfield Theatre
12 Lulu: "Boom Band-a-Band" [Columbia DB 8550; charts; RR #2]
Foundations: "In the Bad Bad Old Days" [Pye 7N 17702; charts; RR #8]
  London: Paul McCartney marries Linda Eastman
Surrey: Police raid the home of George and Patti Harrison and arrest them for possession of cannabis.
19 Desmond Dekker and the Aces (Jamaica): "Israelites" [Pyramid PYR 6058; charts; RR #1]
Tremeloes: "Hello World" [CBS 4065; charts; RR #14]
The Small Faces: "Afterglow of Your Love"[/"Wham Bam Thank You Mam"] [Immediate IM 077; charts; RR #36]
  Anguilla: Britain invades this tiny Caribbean island after it had declared independence (July 1967)
20 Gibraltar: John Lennon and Yoko Ono marry
21 Jackie Lomax: Is This What You Want? [APCOR 6/SAPCOR 6, UK LP release; US release 5/69]
26 Marvin Gaye: "I Heard It through the Grapevine" [RR #1 for 3 weeks]
  Clodagh Rodgers: "Come Back and Shake Me" [RCA 1792; charts; RR #3]
Marbles: "The Walls Fell Down: [Polydor 56 310; charts; RR #28]
Tony Blackburn: "It's Only Love" [MGM 1467; charts; RR #42]
28 The Kinks: "Plastic Man" / "King Kong" [Pye 7N 17724; UK release]
31 London: George and Patti Harrison fined for possession of marijuana
  Other March Artifacts
  The Bee Gees: Odessa [t40]
Family: Family Entertainment
Cream: Goodbye
  The first supersonic airliner, the Concord makes its maiden flight
April JAN | FEB | MAR | APR | MAY | JUN | JUL | AUG | SEP | OCT | NOV | DEC
2 Mary Hopkin: "Goodbye" [Apple 10; charts; RR #2]
Equals: "Michael and the Slipper Tree" [President PT 240; charts; RR #24]
Jackie Trent: "I'll Be There" [Pye 7N 17693; charts; RR #38]
4 The Jimi Hendrix Experience: "Crosstown Traffic" / "Gypsy Eyes" [Track release]
5 Artic Ocean: Four Britons reach North Pole after 47-day dogsled journey
  The Beatles: "Get Back" [US release]
7 Rolls Royce recalls at least 5,000 cars
9 Cream: "Badge" [b/ "What a Bringdown"] [Polydor 56 315; charts; RR #18]
Jefferson: "Colour of My Love" [Pye 7N 17706; charts; RR #22]
Cats: "Swan Lake" [BAF 1; charts; RR #48]
  London: King Crimson debuts at the London Speakeasy
11 The Beatles: "Get Back" [UK release]
16 Desmond Dekker and the Aces: "The Israelites" [RR #1 for one week]
  The Beatles: "Get Back" [Apple R 5777; charts, RR #1]
Fleetwood Mac: "Man of the World" [Immediate IM 080; charts; RR #2]
Rolf Harris: "Bluer than Blue" [Columbia DB 8553; charts; RR #30]
Kinks: "Plastic Man" [Pye 7N 17724; charts; RR #31]
Jimi Hendrix: "Crosstown Traffic" [Track 604 029; charts; RR #37]
17 Belfast: Bernadette Devlin (21-year-old Irish student activist) elected to House of Commons
19 Melody Maker: The Moody Blues will form their own record label
20 Belfast: One thousand additional troops sent after the fire-bombing of a bus station and nine post offices
21 London: Janis Joplin and the Kozmic Blues Band appear at the Royal Albert Hall
22 Bolton: The Who unofficially premier Tommy at the Institute of Technology
  Belfast: Bernadette Devlin declared the Member of Parliament
23 Beatles with Billy Preston: "Get Back" [RR #1 for 6 weeks]
  Herman's Hermits: "My Sentimental Friend" [Columbia DB 8563; charts; RR #2]
Val Doonican: "Ring of Bright Water" [Pye 7N 17713; charts; RR #48]
26 Melody Maker: Steve Marriott and Peter Frampton will form Humble Pie
28 France: Charles de Gaulle announces he will step down as President of France
30 Simon and Garfunkel: "The Boxer" [CBS 4162; charts; RR #6]
Manfred Mann: "Ragamuffin Man" [Fontana TF 1013; charts; RR #8]
  Other April Artifacts
  The Moody Blues: "Never Comes the Day"
Chicken Shack (London 1967): "I'd Rather Go Blind"
The Moody Blues: On the Threshold of a Dream
  London: The Open University of the United Kingdom brought into existence by the grant of its Royal Charter
Britain: Voting age reduced from 21 to 18
2 London: The Who officially premier Tommy at Ronnie Scott's
7 Chicken Shack: "I'd Rather Go Blind" [Blue Horizon 57-3153; charts; RR #14]
Des O'Connor: "Dick-a-Dum-Dum (King's Road)" [Columbia DB 8566; charts; RR #14]
9 Jackie Lomax: "New Day" / "Fall Inside Your Eyes" [UK release; APPLE 11]
  Dearborn, Michigan: The Who premier parts of Tommy at the Grande Ballroom
14 Jethro Tull: "Living in the Past" [Island WIP 6056; charts; RR #3]
Tom Jones: "Love Me Tonight" [Decca F 12924; charts; RR #9]
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick, and Tich: "Snake in the Grass" [Fontana TF 1020; charts; RR #23; last chart]
Microbe: "Groovy Baby" [CBS 4158; charts; RR #29]
Sandie Shaw: "Think It All Over" [Pye 7N 17726; charts; RR #42]
  North London: Martin Lamble (of Fairport Convention) dies when the band's van crashes
16 New York City: Pete Townshend spends night in jail for "assaulting" a plainclothes police officer during a performance; he and Roger Daltry are arraigned later on the 27th
18 London: Mahalia Jackson at the Royal Albert Hall
London: Howlin' Wolf begins UK tour
21 London: Beatles announce that Allen Klein will handle their finances
22 Marmalade: "Baby Make It Soon" [CBS 4287; charts; RR #9]
23 The Who: Tommy [Reaction; UK LP release]
28 Family Dogg: "Way of Life" [Bell 1055; charts; RR #6]
Cliff Richard: "Big Ship" [Columbia DB 8581; charts; RR #8]
Status Quo: "Are You Growing Tired of My Love" [Pye 7N 17728; charts; RR #46]
Pentangle: "Once I Had a Sweetheart" [Big T BIG 124; charts; RR #46]
30 The Beatles: "The Ballad of John and Yoko" [UK release]
  The Beach Boys and the Mothers of Invention both begin UK tours.
  Arctic Ocean: British team completes first recorded trek across frozen polar cap
  Other May Artifacts
  Procol Harum: A Salty Dog
Traffic: Last Exit
June JAN | FEB | MAR | APR | MAY | JUN | JUL | AUG | SEP | OCT | NOV | DEC
2 London: Gordon Lightfoot performs at the Royal Festival Hall
4 Tommy Roe: "Dizzy" [RR #1 for 1 week]
  Beatles: "Ballad of John and Yoko" [Apple R 5786; charts; RR #1]
Bee Gees: "Tomorrow Tomorrow" [Polydor 56 331; charts; RR #23]
  Beatles: "Ballad of John and Yoko" [US release]
7 Hyde Park, London: Blind Faith debut for audience of 120,000 with Richie Havens, Donovan, Edgar Broughton Band, Third Ear Band
London: Manfred Mann announce they are disbanding
8 London: Brian Jones announces he is leaving the Rolling Stones
———: Led Zeppelin begin their first UK tour
11 Beatles: "The Ballad of John and Yoko" [RR #1 for 3 weeks]
  Thunderclap Newman: "Something In the Air" [Track 604-031; charts; RR #1]
18 Procol Harum: "Salty Dog" [Regal Zonophone RZ 3019; charts; RR #44]
  Bingen, West Germany: pesticide spill in River Rhine kills millions of fish between spill point and ocean
19 New York: Musical review "Oh! Calcutta!" opens
20 The Kinks: "Drivin'" / "Mindless Child of Motherhood" [Pye 7N 17776; UK release]
  Paris: George Pompidou succeeds Charles de Gaulle as President
21 Toronto: Toronto Pop Fesival begins: The Band, Procol Harum, Johnny Winter, Velvet Underground, Dr. John, Sly and the Family Stone, etc.
22 London: Judy Garland found dead in her flat
25 Joe Dolan: "Make Me an Island" [Pye 7N 17738; charts; RR #3]
Amen Corner: "Hello Suzie" [Immediate IM 081; charts; RR #4]
Desmond Dekker and the Aces: "It Miek" [Pyramid PYR 6068; charts; RR #7]
28 Bath: "Festival of the Blues" with Led Zeppelin, John Mayall, Fleetwood Mac, Chicken Shack, Ten Years After, Colosseum, Blodwyn Pig, the Nice, Keef Hartley, Taste, Liverpool Scene, Principal Edwards Magic Theatre, Savoy Brown, Champion Jack Dupree, Clouds, Group Therapy, Babylon, and the Deep Blues Band.
  Stonewall Inn, Greenwich Village, New York: Police raid a gay bar setting off a riot
29 London: The Pop Proms begin at the Royal Albert Hall
July JAN | FEB | MAR | APR | MAY | JUN | JUL | AUG | SEP | OCT | NOV | DEC
1 Wales: Charles invested as Prince of Wales at Caernarvan Castle
2 Thunderclap Newman: "Something in the Air" [RR #1 for three weeks]
3 Sussex: Brian Jones drowns in his swimming pool
4 Rolling Stones: "Honky Tonk Women" [UK release]
5 Hyde Park, London: The Rolling Stones, Family, Battered Ornaments, King Crimson (debut), Roy Harper, Third Ear Band, Alexis Korner's New Church, Screw
9 The Rolling Stones: "Honky Tonk Women" [Decca F 12952; charts; RR #1; US#1-8/69]
Plastic Ono Band: "Give Peace a Chance" [Apple 13, charts, RR #2]
Robin Gibb: "Saved by the Bell" [Polydor 56-337; charts; RR #2]
Clodagh Rodgers: "Goodnight Midnight" [RCA 1852; charts; RR #4]
Cilla Black: "Conversations" [Parlophone R 5785; charts; RR #7]
Donovan with the Jeff Beck Group: "Goo Goo Barabajagal (Love Is Hot)" [Pye 7N 17778; charts; RR #12]
Georgie Fame: "Peaceful" [CBS 4295; charts; RR #16]
16 Love Affair: "Bringing on Back the Good Times" [CBS 4300; charts; RR #9]
17 London: Five firemen killed in Thames explosion
19 Moon: US: "Apollo Eleven" and its astronauts orbit
20 Moon: American astronauts land
23 Rolling Stones: "Honky Tonk Women" [RR #1 for five weeks]
  Move: "Curly" [Regal Zonophone RZ3021; charts; RR #12]
Fairport Convention: "Si Tu Dois Partir" [Island WIP 6064; charts; RR #21]
Fleetwood Mac: "Need Your Love So Bad" [Blue Horizon 57 3157; recharts; RR #32]
27 Pink Floyd: More [UK release]
30 Equals: "Viva Bobby Joe" [President PT 260; charts, RR #6]
Ken Dodd: "Tears Won't Wash Away My Heartache" [Columbia DB 8600; charts; RR #22]
Philharmonia Orchestra: "Thus Spake Zarathustra" [Columbia DB 8607; charts; RR #33]
31 Britain: Half-penny ceases to be legal tender
  Other July Artifacts
  Deep Purple: "Hallelujah"
Deep Purple: Book of Taliesyn
Jeff Beck: Beckola
Humble Pie: As Safe as Yesterday Is
August JAN | FEB | MAR | APR | MAY | JUN | JUL | AUG | SEP | OCT | NOV | DEC
5 Mars: U.S. space probe Mariner 7 sends back photographs and scientific data from orbit
8 Plumpton, East Sussex: The Ninth National Jazz and Blues Festival opens with Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, East of Eden, Blossom Toes, Keith Tippett Jazz Group, Junior's Eyes, and the Village
9 Englebert Humperdinck: "I'm a Better Man" [Decca F 12957; charts; RR #15]
Tyrannosaus Rex: "King of the Rumbling Spires" [Regal Zonophone RZ 3022; charts; RR #44]
  Plumpton, East Sussex: The Ninth National Jazz and Blues Festival continues with Bonzo Dog Band, Roy Harper, the Strawbs, Breatkthru', Jigsaw, Peter Hammill, the Who, Chicken Shack, Fat Mattress, John Surman, Ainsley Dunbar, Yes!, The Spirit of John Morgan, King Crimson, the Groundhogs, Dry Ice, and the Wallace Collection.
  Los Angeles: the Manson murders begin
10 Plumpton, East Sussex: The Ninth National Jazz and Blues Festival concludes with Pentangle, Long John Baldry, Ron Geeson, Jo-Ann Kelly, Magna Carta, Noel Murphy, the Nice, the Family, the London cast of Hair, Chris Barber, Keef Hartley, Eclection, Mick Abrahams' Blodwyn Pig, Circus, Hard Meat, Affinity, Babylon, and Cuby's Blues Band.
13 The Bee Gees: "Don't Forget to Remember" [UK chart date; RR #2]
  Belfast: Three days of rioting begins between Protestants and Catholics.
14 Belfast and Londonderry: Britain deploys troops in response to continued violence.
  Bethel, New York: "Woodstock Music and Art Fair" begins with Ritchie Havens, Country Joe McDonald and the Fish, John Sebastian, the Incredible String Band, Sweetwater, Bert Sommer, Tim Hardin, Ravi Shankar & Alla Rakha, Melanie, Arlo Guthrie, and Joan Baez.
15 Bethel, New York: "Woodstock Music and Art Fair" continues with Quill, Keef Hartley, Santana, Canned Heat, Mountain, Janis Joplin, Sly & the Family Stone, the Grateful Dead, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and the Who.
16 Bee Gees: "Don't Forget to Remember" [Polydor 56 343; charts; RR #2]
  Bethel, New York: "Woodstock Music and Art Fair" continues with the Jefferson Airplane, Joe Cocker, Country Joe McDonald & the Fish, Ten Years After, the Band, Blood Sweat & Tears, Johnny Winter, and Crosby, Stills, & Nash.
17 Bethel, New York: "Woodstock Music and Art Fair" concludes with the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Sha Na Na, and Jimi Hendrix.
23 Humble Pie: "Natural Born Bugie" [Immediate IM 082; charts, RR #4]
30 Zager and Evans: "In the Year 2525 (Exordium and Terminus)" [RR #1 for three weeks]
30-31 Isle of Wight: The Isle of Wight Festival of Music [Raymond and Ronald Foulk and Rikki Farr, promoters] with the Band, Blodwyn Pig, Blonde On Blonde, Bonzo Dog Dooh Dah Band, Edgar Broughton Band, Joe Cocker, Aynsley Dunbar, Bob Dylan, Eclection, Family, Gary Farr, Fat Mattress Julie Felix, Free, Gypsy, Richie Havens, Marsha Hunt and White Trash, Indo Jazz Fusions, Liverpool Scene, Mighty Baby, the Moody Blues, the Nice, Tom Paxton, Pentangle, the Pretty Things, Third Ear Band, and the Who.
  Other August Artifacts
Jeff Beck: Beck-Ola [LP t40]
The Bee Gees: Best of Bee Gees[LP t40]
Jack Bruce: "Never Tell Your Mother She's Out of Tune" [UK release; US re 10/69]
Jethro Tull: Stand Up
The Move: "Curly"
The Bonzo Dog Band: Tadpoles
Blind Faith: Blind Faith [re; t40]
September JAN | FEB | MAR | APR | MAY | JUN | JUL | AUG | SEP | OCT | NOV | DEC
1 Libya: Moammar Gadhafi comes to power through a coup
2 Hanoi, North Vietnam: North Vietnamese president Ho Chi Minh dies
6 David Bowie: "Space Oddity" [Philips BF 1801; charts; RR #5]
Chicken Shack: "Tears in the Wind" [Blue Horizon 57-3160; charts; RR #29]
6 Hyde Park, London: Crosby Stills & Nash and Jefferson Airplane
12 The Kinks: "Shangri-la" / "This Man He Weeps Tonight" [Pye 7N 17812; UK release]
13 Cliff and Hank: "Throw Down a Line" [Columbia DB 8615; charts; RR #7]
Radha Krishna Temple: "Hare Krishna Mantra" [Apple 15; charts; RR #12]
Foundations: "Born to Live and Born to Die" [Pye 7N 17809; charts; RR #46; last chart]
13-15 Rainsbrook, Rugby, Warwickshire: Rugby Rag's Blues Festival with Pink Floyd, the Nice, Taste, Free, Third Ear Band, Ralph McTell , Roy Harper, and Edgar Broughton.
20 Creedence Clearwater Revival: "Bad Moon Rising" [RR #1 for three weeks]
  Dorothy Squires: "For Once in My Life" [President PT 267; charts; RR #24]
Dusty Springfield: "Am I the Same Girl" [Philips BF 1811; charts; RR #43]
  Hyde Park, London: the Soft Machine, the Deviants, Al Stewart, Quintessence, and Edgar Broughton Band
21 London: Police arrest 200 "hippie" squatters
26 The Beatles: Abbey Road [UK release; US re 1 Oct]
27 Joe Cocker: "Delta Lady" [Regal-Zonophone RZ 3024; charts; RR #10]
  Other September Artifacts
Van Morrison: Astral Weeks
The Flying Machine: "Smile a Little Smile for Me"
Status Quo: Spare Parts
The Rolling Stones: Through the Past, Darkly (Big Hits, Volume 2)
October JAN | FEB | MAR | APR | MAY | JUN | JUL | AUG | SEP | OCT | NOV | DEC
4 Fleetwood Mac: "Oh Well" [Reprise RS 28000; charts; RR #2]
Hollies: "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" [Parlophone R 5806; charts; RR #3]
Barry Ryan: "Hunt" [Polydor 56 348; charts; RR #34]
5 Belfast: British fire tear gas at militants
BBC TV: Monty Python's Flying Circus debuts
11 Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg: "Je T'Aime..., Moi Non Plus" [RR #1 for one week]
14 Britain: Fifty-pence coin introduced
16 Washington: Peace demonstrators stage activities across the country, including a candlelight march around the White House, as part of a moratorium against the Vietnam War (NYTimes)
18 Bobby Gentry: "I'll Never Fall in Love Again" [RR #1 for one week]
22 Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin II [recorded 1-8/69; UK-US re]
25 Archies: "Sugar Sugar" [RR #1 for 8 weeks]
  Jimmy Cliff: "Wonderful World Beautiful People" [Trojan TR 690; charts; RR #6]
Harry J. All Stars (Jamaica): "Liquidator" [Trojan TR 675; charts; RR #9]
Dave Clark Five: "Put a Little Love in Your Heart" [Columbia DB 8624; charts; RR #31]
Neville Dickie: "Robin's Return" [Major Minor MM 644; charts; RR #33]
Trash: "Golden Slumbers"/"Carry that Weight" [Apple 17; charts; RR #35]
  Pink Floyd: Ummagumma [UK release 25 Oct 70]
29 California: First internet connection on the ARPANET between UCLA and Stanford University
31 The Beatles: "Something"/"Come Together" [UK release; US release 6 Oct; BB #1 11/69]
  Other October Artifacts
  King Crimson: In the Court of the Crimson King
The Kinks: Arthur (or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire)
November JAN | FEB | MAR | APR | MAY | JUN | JUL | AUG | SEP | OCT | NOV | DEC
1 Tremeloes: "(Call Me) Number One" [CBS 4582; charts; RR #2]
Jethro Tull: "Sweet Dream" [Chrysalis WIP 6070; charts; RR #7]
Plastic Ono Band: "Cold Turkey" [Apple APPLES 1001, charts, RR #14]
Joe Dolan: "Teresa" [Pye 7N 17833; charts; RR #20]
Scaffold: "Gin Gan Goolie" [Parlophone R 5812; charts; RR #38]
Family: ""No Mule's Fool" [Repirse RS 28001; charts; RR #29]
8 Beatles: "Something"/"Come Together" [Apple R 5814; charts; RR #4]
Clodagh Rodgers: "Biljo" [RCA 1891; charts; RR #22]
Herman's Hermits: "Here Comes the Star" [Columbia DB 8626; charts; RR #33]
9 Prince Philip suggests that royal family is pressed financially
15 Blue Mink: "Melting Pot" [Philips BF 1818; charts; RR #3]
Englebert Humperdinck: "Winter World of Love" [Decca F 12980; charts; RR #7]
  BBC-1: begins broadcasting in colour.
  Washington: 250,000 protest the war in Vietnam
16 US: disclosure that hundreds of Vietnamese civilians had been killed in the village of Mylai
19 Pat Campbell: "The Deal" [Major Minor MM 648; charts; UK 31]
21 Florida: First British radio satellite launched by US
22 Rolf Harris: "Two Little Boys" [Columbia DB 8630; charts; RR #1]
Malcolm Roberts: "Love Is All" [Major Minor MM 637; charts; RR #12]
Lulu: "Oh Me Oh My (I'm a Fool for You Baby)" [Atco 226008; charts; RR #47]
25 London: John Lennon returns Order of the British Empire medal to protest UK support of the US in Vietnam
29 Des O'Connor: "Loneliness" [Columbia DB 8632; charts; RR #18]
  Other November Artifacts
British Big Band Leader, Ted Heath, dies
Colour to BBC1 and ITV
The Moody Blues: To Our Children's Children's Children
The Bonzo Dog Band: Keynsham
The Small Faces: Autumn Stone
Deep Purple: Deep Purple
December JAN | FEB | MAR | APR | MAY | JUN | JUL | AUG | SEP | OCT | NOV | DEC
1 Washington: the first draft lottery since World War Two
2 EEC nations agree to talk with UK
6 Dave Clark Five: "Good Old Rock 'n' Roll" [Columbia DB 8638; charts; RR #7]
Cliff Richard: "With the Eyes of a Child" [Columbia DB 8641; charts; RR #20]
6 Livermore, California: The Rolling Stones perform at the Altamont Speedway where four people die
12 The Kinks: "Victoria" / "Mr. Churchill Says" [Pye 7N 17865; UK release]
13 Tom Jones: "Without Love" [Decca F 12990; charts; RR #10]
Cilla Black: "If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind" [Parlophone R 5820; charts; RR #20]
Georgie Fame: "Seventh Son" [CBS 4659; charts; RR #25]
  Northern Ireland: Riots
15 London: Parliament votes to outlaw capital punishment
18 London: On Her Majesty's Secret Service, premiers at the Odeon
20 Rolf Harris: "Two Little Boys" [RR #1 for six weeks]
  Marmalade: "Reflections of My Life" [Decca F 12982; charts; RR #3]
Eric Clapton: "Comin' Home" [Atlantic 584 308; charts; RR #16]
21 Los Angeles: The Graduate opens
22 Belfast: Bernadette Devlin sentenced to 6 months imprisonment for participation in August 13 riots
27 Equals: "Rub a Dub Dub" [President PT 275; charts; RR #34]
  Other December Artifacts
  Badfinger: "Come and Get It" [UK release; US re 1/70]
The Rolling Stones: Let It Bleed
Humble Pie: Town and Country
Other 1969 Artifacts
  • Fender introduces its 88-key Rhodes electric piano
  • Carry On Camping and Carry On Again Doctor released
  • The Queen Elizabeth II (the QE2) launched
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