1960s British Rock and Pop


When I prepared the first version of this chronology in 1995, I found few materials that contextualized who did what and when. The notable exception was Mark Lewisohn whose chronologies of the Beatles have set the standard. Since that time, a number of other authors have contributed chronological treatments of the best-known performers (the Who, the Stones, the Small Faces, the Kinks, and Pink Floyd) and discographic information appears more regularly. When I lived in London in 1996, I was delighted to find that Mojo had its own more focused chronology appearing each month. I have not copied their style and format, nor their information necessarily (indeed, they make mistakes too), but I do compare notes. I will also observe that I began my chronology independently.
Among my sources I include the major British music trade papers, The New Musical Express and Melody Maker. These are invaluable both as voices of the British musical establishment and as markers of events. Moreover, I recommend a careful reading of these papers to anyone wishing to get a more nuanced understanding of the era. Of course, trade papers include creative interpretations of musical history, but, regognizing that PR agents have a right to work too, these papers nevertheless document when things happened and whom the community understood to be involved. Students in my classes at Skidmore have also been contributing to month-by-month listing of the Contents of the New Musical Express, 1953-1969. Among the principal sources for chart action, I have drawn on Gambaccini, Rice, and Rice (1995). Another source has been The Times for corroborating economic, political, and military history. Finally, annual gazetteers such as The Annual Register (Ivison MacAdam, editor; Longmans, Green and Co., Ltd., London) have provided convenient lists of events.

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